Carter Yorkies
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Max's pedigree is excellent-  with Champions
and International Champions from Stardust,
Renmar,  TLC, Dot's, Rothby, and Yorkmont  on
both his mom and dads sides. Both his parents
are Atlanta show dogs.  Check out our
Available Puppies page for his Yorkie puppies
for sale.
It is difficult to buy blue blooded Yorkies with
breeding rights.  By that, I mean they have
many Champions and International  Champions
in their ancestors.  Tuffy has an excellent
pedigree with American/Canadian Best In Show
Champion  CeDe Higgens,  Am. Can. Ch.
Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle, and many others, and
the qualities I breed for...Look for his son
Oliver, and our Yorkie puppies for sale on the
Available Puppies page.  
fat and healthy female puppies,  and this
tiny adopted mini-beagle whose mama
didn't have any milk.  She is an excellent
mother.   Not many would take in another
breed puppy!  Our Yorkies are really  
Here's Ninja, one of Daisys kids, at about four
months  old, in Georgia.  You'll see pictures of
her adventures on our pages.
Above is a close up of Pansy, one of Daisys kids, at 10 months
old, from my bloodlines.  Their coat is supposed to be a silky
steel blue, like gun metal.  You can see it here.  Her coat is
already 9 inches long or more, and does not require special care
to grow.  In fact, she has played and tugged with Smartie Pants
and mama .  I would rather have happy, healthy, well adjusted
Yorkies without the show coats.   I do not have time or energy to
wrap their coats for show, with our busy farm and family.   So, I
am proud of whatever coats my Yorkies have - due totally to their
good bloodines and heredity and not to special wrappers, oil on
the coats or any other time-consuming care.   
Tuffy,  above and right, has a multi-Champion pedigree which contains many
American and Canadian BIS Champions.  BIS means Best In Show- they have
won over every breed of dog in the whole show!   There are over 30
Champions and International Champions in his daddys short pedigree.  He
exceeded our expectations for loving and looks! Oliver his son, carries on
his tradition.
How do Yorkies coat colors change? I
like to show phases of Yorkie
development.  They change so much.  
Heres Nala below and above, grown
carrier case, in the truck.   His lines include
American and Canadian Best In Show Champion
Cede Higgens,  Am./Can/BIS/BISS ROM Champion
Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle, and many Clarkwyn ,
Mayfair, Denaire, Stardust and TLC's Champions.
Elicia bought her Yorkie puppy and came to Georgia from
California to get him!  She and her mom are  pleased with how
calm and pretty he is.   Thats him below, too, grown.
What separates us from the
puppy mill or pet store puppies?
Plenty of play time for Sassy, a
nine month old Yorkie puppy
below.   Many hours of work and
TLC go into each puppy.  That
work and our prices, pedigrees,
and our health guarantee
separate us from the more
expensive, yet lower quality pet
store pups, raised in a kennel
without that all-important human

This puppy
is ready for
a ride in this
cute BMW at
the new
These Carter Yorkies live in Atlanta, Georgia

I have been raising AKC Yorkshire Terriers for 40 plus years in south
Georgia.  I focus my breedings on quality Yorkie puppies who will mature
around 3-7 pounds, rather than those unhealthy Yorkie puppies in the ultra
tiny sizes.  I strive to breed a healthy, happy, well adjusted Yorkie puppy
who will bring you many years of joy. I guard my bloodlines carefully, and
do not normally give Full Registration or Breeding & Show rights.  My
adults have the true Yorkshire Terrier look, following closely the AKC
standard... a long silky coat, pretty face, and square conformation to go
along with their charming Yorkie attitude and Champion filled pedigrees.  
My friends own Champion males, and I often use them as dad to my
litters.  Many of my parent dogs have Champion dads.  The Champions
have been through rigorous health testing and clearances, and can not
pass along common health diseases to their puppies.  Its more expensive,
but the high quality is worth it.  

I try not to pass along the high costs of breeding quality Yorkies to you, my
customer.  A high price tag does not mean a higher quality. Judge by the
quality you can see in my photos, versus what you're paying. If there are
no written health guarantees, no champion bloodlines nor alot of
champions in the pedigree, then the dog isnt worth much.  Some dogs are
worth the price, for the money the breeder has invested in them.    

Please read my happy families page.  My clients will tell you in their own
words, "You get what you pay for".  My committment, after 44 years loving
the Yorkshire Terrier, is to breed the very best puppy who will grow up to
make both of us proud.  
Gnocchi is Ninjas daughter- grown at
right.   Three generations in these
pictures above.
Shandy and one of our puppies play
Do You want to be a breeder?
So many people write to me, thinking they want to be breeders.  Breeding is a huge
responsibility.  You need a great deal of knowledge about the Yorkshire Terrier
breed and the breed standard.   Anything less would be completely irresponsible..
I'm sure you've heard how many unwanted animals there are in shelters. Too many
are being put to sleep every day because of irresponsible breeders and puppy
mills who breed with no thought for the health or future of their puppies.  They
breed only to make the almighty dollar. I've been raising Yorkies exclusively for 40
plus years. After you deduct the cost of food, vitamins and supplements, bedding,
toys, shampoos, show fees, hotel rooms, Veterinarian care, breeding fees,
disappointment, heartbreak, etc.,  it isn't easy as it seems.  I do it for the absolute
love of my Yorkies.
I sincerely hope you take your responsibility seriously. The health and happiness of
your beloved pet lies in your hands. You risk her life when you breed.  Puppies are
not just born, they are
delivered by me or my Vet, usually around 3 am. You have to
be prepared to lose the mom, her puppies, or both. This is sad to think about,  but
..truthfully, there is always a chance of something going wrong.  I assume your
bitch weighs at least 5 lbs.  Once you make the decision to breed, you have to do
everything possible to insure the health of your mom and her pups.  
First on your list is a thorough Vet check.  If you are breeding to a male outside of
your home, a Brucellosis test is a must for both the male and female. If either of
the dogs being bred have brucellosis, you endanger infecting the dog you are
breeding with, losing the whole litter, and losing all your dogs. They should be put
to sleep if they have this disease, as it is even contagious to humans.   

Second is deciding which male you're going to breed to. You should have been
researching this for months prior to her season. I choose the pedigrees and
qualities of dogs I know, and hope they will compliment each other. For example, if
I were breeding a bitch with a slightly wiry coat rather than a silky one,  I would
choose a male with a very silky coat to breed her with. Once you've decided on
which stud you're going to use, then you have to plan your schedule, pay a stud fee,
and figure out when puppies are due.  If you work, you'll need to take your vacation
for that week. Being at home all the time is best. I never leave my moms alone to
have their puppies.  Every puppy is precious to me.

Breeding your dog is costly, and you will probably have more expenses than
income from selling puppies.  Regardless of how much experience you have, you
can still have disasters.  Expect to have alot of sleepless nights.
over that too.  No vet is perfect.   It is almost impossible to get a fading puppy to
survive, and you can lose a whole litter to fading puppy syndrome.  It is impossible
to predict how successful the breeding will be.

Too many things can go wrong.
Here are just a few:  It's a breach birth, the puppys head gets stuck in the canal,
and the puppy drowns. or...You, as a novice, pull too hard on a breach puppy and
tear the mom, causing her death.  or...The mom is tired, and after she expels the
puppy, she doesn't take it out of the sack and the puppy drowns. or... While she's
eating the sack to get the puppy out, she eats the puppy as well, or maybe just
chews off its leg. or...The mom chews the cord too short and the puppy's guts fall
out.  or...The exhausted mom lies on her only puppy and suffocates it. or... the
breach puppy causes you to have a $1,000 emergency C-section, and the mom
rejects her puppy.  You have to feed it every two hours- day and night- and despite
your sleepless nights, it still dies..    
Sounds Terrible?  All these things can and do happen.  Be very careful before
deciding to risk your pets future.  Those are just a few reasons why I sell my
puppies with limited AKC registration.  I want them to be pets.
Spaying or neutering is the kindest, most healthy thing you can do for your pet
Be sure to wait until your Yorkie pup is mature, so it can develop properly with its
Which Dog Food do I use?  
We have all heard of recent dog food recalls for many damaging or
deadly ingredients. This brand  has never had a recall.  Dr Jane Bicks
has researched her ingredients and formulated a top quality health food
for animals, using high
quality ingredients.

I use Lifes Abundance for small breed dogs.  I'd
like to help my clients dogs have healthier lives. I can help you have it
shipped to your home at wholesale prices.  Ask me about it, if you're
interested.  Or click purple link
One of Nala and Max's boys- 8 wks old
Sassy 9 months old
I don't understand what's happening with Webster (pretty classy, huh?!)
but let me tell you:  this potty training thing is going so extremely well.  
He's more predictable than my (grown) Chihuahuas.  He doesn't like the
crate at night so I've set up a bed for him in the guest bath.  He has yet to
go during the night. He is holding it until morning.  I know it's all too good
to be true, but I'm thinking we've got the smartest dog in the world.
a Buttercup boy in Tennessee
An interesting prediction, if you read more about Webster
grown (Carter Yorkies in the news). My Yorkies are super
This July marks Coco’s one year anniversary with us and I have to
say our entire family adores her!  She always makes us all laugh
with her zany behavior, she’s always there to meet us at the door
and she has become the best snuggling companion ever!  She
goes crazy when you say the “let’s go for a walk” phrase and
starts barking and spinning all the way to the door – she’s a riot!

I love all your new puppy pictures currently on your website and I
keep turning over in my mind the thought of a playmate for Coco.  
She loves getting together with my sister’s Golden Retriever
“Daisy” and also is great friends with a miniature Australian
Shepherd “Ginger” that comes to visit Daisy often… there’s not a
mean bone in Coco’s body.  I’ve never seen her be aggressive or
growl at any dogs, or anything for that matter… she just LOVES
everyone!  I have mentioned another Yorkie baby to my husband
and aside from looking at me as if I were on crack – LOL!  he didnt
really rule out the possibility so maybe in the not too distant future
we will add a brother or sister Yorkie baby to our pack.  If we do, I
will be calling you – we wouldn’t go anywhere else!!  
the Gray family, Florida
PS – Just so you know… my husband has been totally won over
by Coco – he is (aside from me) her biggest fan!
This is a Pansy
Kittys best buddy.  Our Yorkies
play with our cats all the time!
Here's Piper studying our birds. She
is Tootsie's daughter... beautiful
silky coat!
Piper is helping me answer daily Yorkie emails.
Piper with me,  in
Gnocchi,  teacup Yorkie  
Ninja and her family on Mt. Spokane in
Washington state.
Hi, Lisa,
Hope you are having a wonderful New Year!
Can't believe it, but Opal is about to be six
months old! She is such a sweetie, and her
personality makes us all laugh every day.
She is doing great. She graduated from
basic obedience school in December, and
we've just started the advanced class with
her. It has been a great shared interest for
my 13-year-old son and me. He loves to
teach her new things, and she is a fast
learner (when she wants to be, of course!)
Thanks, Julia  
 Gubbys daughter
For Yorkshire
Terrier information and
other Yorkie breeders
Myra, a Nala and Max daughter, with
her duck above, and grown on the
right.  She is always happy.
Sophia in her short haircut. She is Nalas
daughter. So sweet.  She is expecting puppies
in this picture.
Grandmom is happy now 'cause
we're in Georgia.  His baby is a
teacup Yorkie puppy.  
Tootsie is pictured middle, with friends
Tootsie, Pipers mom, as a puppy
Please read....Tips to avoid a scam
Many times, an ad will be posted on the Internet for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy for sale cheap ($150-$300) or free- and all you do is pay
shipping. You send the money, and the puppy never arrives. Lesson #1, If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!
Good is not cheap, and Cheap is not Good!

The story is that the person selling the Yorkie puppy is "a missionary" or working in another country and must give away the yorkie puppy
quickly. There is usually some kind of sad tale or story of charity work involved. They will usually ask for Western Union or a money order as
payment. Many yorkie puppy scams originate in Africa. This is what they do for money... They scam honest people out of their hard earned

They may also pose as a yorkie puppy breeder here in the USA. They copy a cute picture of one of my puppies. They promise to send you a
purebred yorkie puppy for a cheap price! (warning #1) Again, you send the money and your yorkie puppy never arrives! Some will even go as
far as to set up a website with a stolen credit card to make themselves appear to be a legitimate source to purchase a yorkie puppy!

I have had scammers post ads linking to my website, with the hope of using my good reputation to scam people. Always use the email or
phone number from my website.
My phone number is (229) 921 4206 and the only email I use for my business is  Please contact me with my email, as I live on a farm, always have hands full, and am often unavailable for
phone calls.

Here are some things to watch for with Yorkie puppy scams

1.    They will say the yorkie puppy is free and all you have to do is pay for shipping.  
2.    They want payment through Western Union or through a money order to another country.        
3.    They won't let you
pick up the yorkie puppy and the puppy  must be shipped. You must pay for it before you have it.
4.    They usually have bad English and the wording for their ad is poor.
5.    They are "missionaries" and can no longer take care of their yorkie
6.    They were praying for someone to give their yorkie baby a loving home
7.    It is the perfect pup, AKC registered, already Vet checked, had ALL its shots, already perfectly housetrained, well socialized etc. ..

If you are buying a Yorkie puppy for sale and having the puppy shipped to you, PLEASE do the following:

1.    Ask for a new picture of the same yorkie puppy with your name and date on a piece of paper in the background. I regularly send
updated pictures with my iphone to my clients. If they wont send you a picture with your name, whatever their excuse, dont fall for it.

2.    If possible, ask for Vet references or have someone check the yorkie breeder out. My site has many letters and pictures of my puppies
grown, with their happy families. I am pictured with my Yorkies from teen age years to today.
That is something you cant fake!  

3.    Have all guarantees, contracts, and papers in writing when you hand them your money and get your puppy. You dont pay in full for your
puppy until you have it in your arms, with me.

4.  Do an Internet search of their website or their name, and the word "scam",  to check for complaints.

5.   Speak with the Vet that the breeder is taking the yorkie to for their pre-flight check. All dogs
must be vet checked before going on a
plane.   Ask for a Vet reference.

How to avoid a yorkie puppy scam:
* Beware of free or cheap yorkie puppies for sale! Yorkshire Terriers are not cheap. I have invested many years,  and alot of money into
my yorkie puppies. My puppies and parents are healthy, happy, and well adjusted.  If it sounds too good to be true,  it usually is!

* Never purchase a yorkie puppy over the Internet without talking to the Breeder on the phone!  I like to do most of my communications
because of my busy farm, but I'm always available for a quick call from a serious prospective puppy-parent.  Responsible Yorkshire
Terrier breeders will want to talk to you first, too!

* Beware of anyone promising to deliver a Yorkshire terrier puppy within so many hours of payment. Most common claim is 24 hours. It
much longer to get a yorkie puppy Vet checked and booked for a flight to be properly shipped.

Tips to spot a yorkie scammer posting:

~ Cameroon, Africa. If it comes from Africa,  it is a scam 100% of the time, no question about it!

~ Unable to post multiple photos of the same yorkie puppy in question. Don't believe any excuse they may have not to
send you photos.

~ An invalid phone number. Make sure you call and speak to the yorkie breeder. With Google Voice it is easy to have a phone number with
any area code. If the scammer does have a phone number, they generally don't answer the phone. Their bad English and accent are a dead

~ Misspellings and awkward, backwards English. There is just something odd about the way they write and word their ads or letters.

~ They often have their email printed on the photo of the puppy they are selling. This is to fool the classified ad. Because there are many
scammers,  classified ads often don't allow email addresses to be posted within the ad wording, so they post it on the photo.
Of course, they scam honest Breeders too, so don't feel bad. We all need to be careful in our internet
dealings with others.  Hopefully, my site with customers letters, and many years of photos of me, my family,
and my Yorkies will let you know that I do have a good history and excellent reputation.

Those photos of me in the 1970's with my Yorkies are a hoot!  Enjoy.  Lisa
Owner says she is upset that her
daddy is being deployed again.
Lifes Abundance link

Monday, August 18, 2014

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) today released
new regulations, effective November 17, that will restrict the importation of puppies younger than 6 months of age into the
continental United States for the purpose of resale, research or veterinary treatment. The new regulations do not restrict
individuals who wish to import dogs they intend to keep for personal use, such as a pet or as part of a breeding program.

The rule is designed to assure the health and welfare of dogs that are imported into the US from overseas. In many cases,
these animals come from unknown origins (strays or street dogs) or
unregulated high volume commercial breeders and
may pose health and temperament risks to both the human and canine populations they come into contact with. The
measure is expected to curtail the ”
dumping” of puppies from unknown origins or substandard breeding facilities on US
markets, where in many cases they ma
y be marketed as "rescues”.   

Did you know that "rescues" sell puppies that may have been imported from unknown countries?

Strong enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act is supported by the American Kennel Club and other animal welfare
organizations who recognize that that a
large number of puppies are being bred overseas and imported into the United
States in order to bypass the welfare regulations and standards required of U.S. breeders
. In many cases,
irresponsibly bred and undocumented foreign puppies end up at shelters, rescues or other informal or unregulated retail
venues. Diseases borne by such animals can create public health risks for both animal and human populations
. Example:
Distemper was almost eradicated in Canada, but re introduced by a rescues careless import of sick foreign dogs.

What the Rule Does:

The new regulations allow for implementation of section 18 of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), which "prohibits the
importation of dogs into the United States for resale purposes, unless the Secretary determines that the dogs are in good
health, have received all necessary vaccinations, and are at least 6 months of age.”

The regulations provide guidance needed by US Customs to prevent the continued "dumping” of unregulated foreign
puppies for resale onto US markets. The underlying law (7 U.S.C. 2133) defines resale to include "any transfer of
ownership or control of an imported dog of less than 6 months to another person, for more than de minimis consideration.”
One of our Champion sired males, Papi, and
his "brother"  in 2014
Champion sired "Punkin" will be one of
our mothers in the future.
Champion sired Magnolia will be one of our
future moms.  We call her "Baby".
Tilly, a daughter of Oliver and
Daylilies in my yard
One of Papi and Gingers Yorkie puppy sons,
Sir Cody Jo lives in Alabama
Me, Relaxing on the front porch with one of
my Yorkie puppies 2013
Teacup size Yorkie puppy Riley and his
Boxer buddy
Owners write that they still enjoy Tink at 9
years old, 2016.

Below, Sir Cody Jo ( all grown up) and his
baby brother Sir Chance