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Tebnnessee Walking Horse stallion
micro teacup Yorkie puppies for sale
teacup Yorkie for sale
1976 Yorkie puppy in California
Consider the background of your puppy before choosing
one.  Be sure that they are confident, friendly, and
outgoing, as well as pretty. Just reading the Happy
Families letters will let you know the personalities and
health of my puppies.   Large kennel breeders and puppy
mills produce the low quality pups you find in pet stores.  
They normally do not offer health guarantees.  Our "People
friendly" pups are the best companions. Since Yorkies can
live 15 or more years, choose wisely.  They will give you
many years of love, joy, and devotion.
Many hours of work go into our puppies.  Unlike pet
stores, our puppies are well socialized, and played with
by my children.  Our puppies see horses, cows, cats
and dogs, chickens, etc.  All these experiences
produce a well rounded pet.

If you are looking for a puppy to become a treasured
member of the family, ours are perfect.  To protect our
puppies, we sell them as Pets unless they are intended
for a show career.  They are not sold for breeders or as
kennel dogs.  I want them to be house dogs with
families to love them.  Please be sure to be honest if
you intend to show or breed, and let me know.  AKC
Full registration for a show or breeding prospect costs
more than a Pet.  
We live on a horse farm and raise Tennessee
Walking Horses, and AKC Yorkie puppies in
Georgia.  Our Yorkies are outgoing, adorable family
dogs with great personalities.  That is what I fell in
love with all those years ago...their personality and
beauty.  They are little clowns- always ready to play.  
Their beauty is just icing on the cake!  
We have owned and loved Yorkshire Terriers since
1973.  During the years, I have bred many home grown
show quality dogs, using Champion sires, and well
chosen bloodlines. Some photos of me with my Yorkies
during the last 44 years are on this page, below.
My Blue Roan Tennessee Walker
stallion, Mr. Bright Lights by the
famous World Champion Pusher's
Bustin' Loose standing at stud on
our Georgia farm
Our Thoroughbred horse
Shaeffer, luvin' a student from
Albany, Ga.
We call him "Smartie Pants"
-(house broken at 8 weeks old!)
1977 Yorkie
My sis and I at the California botanical
gardens with Sassy in 1977
Tuffy, Yorkshire Terrier stud
1999 Yorkie puppy
Here I am at the California
beaches in 1976    

Trying to breed high quality Yorkie puppies is not easy.  It is time
consuming and costly.  I try to use the highest quality bloodlines and dogs
when breeding, to come up with the best quality pets.  There is
no such
thing as a "miniature" or "teacup" Yorkie.  
The American Kennel Club
standard describes Yorkies in detail, along with weight requirements.  
Show ring Yorkies must weigh under 7 lbs and those over 7 lbs are
considered pets.
The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America truly frowns on breeders who call
their tiny ones " micro, mini, miniature teacups". They generally charge alot
more for their tiny ones. That is one way to recognize what kind of breeder
you are dealing with.  I understand what people mean by "teacup size", and
I do have those occasionally.  
Every Yorkie is an individual.  Their temperaments depend on many
factors, including how they were raised.  Was it in a kennel or home
environment?  Was it exposed to children or strictly adults?  Ours receive
many hours of  care and play, making them excellent in temperament.
Yorkshire Terriers were originally bred as
hunters.  They can be adventurous and brave.  
Here is Ninja on top of Mt. Spokane in
Washington.  Yorkies make excellent
playmates and are part of the family.
Here we are at a big AKC Dog Show with our
Yorkie puppy in Atlanta, Sept. '05.   Max has a really
superior pedigree with many Champions.  He has
made an excellent contribution to the quality and
pedigrees of our Yorkies.
teacup Yorkie puppy
Our client tells us her cute little boy puppy
dragged this bed into the office to be near
his owners desk.   Boys are so affectionate-
just adorable.
teacup Yorkie puppy
Atlanta AKC dog show

We participated in our Georgia State Parks baby
Gopher Tortoise release into the wild. .
1970's My Yorkies in
Tampa, Florida
Jasmine, 6 months old. She weighs 3 1/2 lbs
Ninja,Yorkie in backpack
Me in 1974 in
Tampa,  Florida
Tennessee Walking Horse and wagon
Our 3 yr old Tennessee Walker, Hawk.  We've
decided to burn grass, not gas!  

I hope you will understand....I prefer to communicate by email
(carteryorkies@yahoo.com) and text at first so that I can learn more
about my customers before we meet.  I live on a farm, and we are always
busy during the day.  I need the freedom to spend alot of time with
newborn care, and cooking for and feeding the Yorkie moms while they
are nursing babies, and socializing our growing puppies, along with
caring for our farm animals, and family. If I had to stop my work several
times each day to talk to customers across the country with questions
about my Yorkie puppies,  I couldn't get any work done. Please
understand that e-mail is the best way I can communicate with
everyone.....  usually at night, when I am not working.  If you read the
info on my site, you will have most of your questions answered,
including my phone number .
Max, Yorkshire Terrier stud
Max as a puppy, right,and
above in his winter coat
2004 Me with Tuffy
teacup Yorkie
dollface teacup Yorkie puppy
Sophias Yorkie puppy, Miley, in the punkins'.  
She's a baby doll.
My daughter in 1999,
Valdosta, Ga.

Don't get a puppy from a
puppy mill.  Most pet store
pups are just that. We believe
it is important to health test
dogs prior to breeding. Please
check our Available Puppies
page.  If we are sold out,
please check back.
We are  proud to be an
AKC inspected and
approved Yorkie breeder.
kissing my Yorkie puppy
Wuv our Gnocchi...                                   OK I'll give you one little kiss.  
We use Jeffers Equine in Alabama for
many of our horse items-saddles, tack,
dewormers, etc..  Their service is
friendly,  quick and their prices are
great.  You can go directly to their site,
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She arrived safely, and is exploring her new home!  We have
named her Lola – and she loves our kids, loves to explore,
and is already going potty on the newspapers!  Simone and
Luc are so happy they are besides themselves….
Thank you for raising such a beautiful puppy.    
one of my Yorkie puppies in South Carolina
Benson,Yorkie pup
Hi Lisa,
Hope all has been well. I know you're long overdue
on an update for Faith. She was one of Tootsie and
Smartie's little girls that were born on April 30. I
must say, she was THE best little car companion.
We got her checked out at a vet in Alabama and
everyone loved her. She was a happy baby and when
we got home she got along well with my other two
dogs. Leila, my lab, played softly with her (as
expected) and she had no qualms about the cats.
She is really calm and by no means a leader. I was
expecting a yappy little yorkie and not one peep
comes from her. I have some pics of her through out
the months just so you see how gorgeous she looks.
She's been such a pleasant little baby and we've had
some laughs learning how to stack and groom for
showing...lol. Here are some pics! Thanks again for
our baby. She is awesome!  
Yorkie puppy in West Palm Beach, Florida
Hi Lisa!  Wanted to update you on Bentley
(Queen's and Max's boy from last
November).  He is such a sweetheart!  I
absolutely love seeing him first thing in the
morning and love his kisses when I get
home.  He shares all his toys with our
Maltese and loves everyone.  His ears are
still floppy, but we don't mind because he's
beautiful no matter what.  I have sent you a
pic of him in his Halloween costume.  Hope
all is well.--Kristen
one of my yorkies in Florida
Thought you might like some pictures of
"Rafa", our little yorkie puppy we bought from
you last month.  We named him "Rafa", which
means, "healer."  The kids haven't cried since
he came.  We took him out West with us to the
Grand Canyon, Sequoia and Yosemite.  He was
a great little traveler and loved every minute of
it.  Thanks again for such a wonderful little
companion for the kids. Jackie
Carter Yorkie puppies, Sadie and Willie, in
Hi Lisa!  Just wanted to let you know that Bentley
is doing great!  He's 9 months old the end of
August and is very happy and healthy.  He is
absolutely the sweetest dog I have ever met!  He
is very loving and beautiful.   2010 Queens boy
Gubbys Yorkie puppies went to Florida, Georgia, and
South Carolina
My little boy was visiting a family with
another small breed of dogs.  One kept
running across my sons lap.  After a
while, he picked it up and it growled at
him.  He was shocked.  Not one of our
Yorkies would ever growl at a child!  
Personality is so important. Be prepared
to continue to correct your puppy when
they do wrong and praise them when
they do right!

Be sure the pup you choose has been
well socialized.  Many pet store puppies
come from puppy mills, raised in wire
cages, and have virtually no
socialization.  I've
seen them. When you
buy a pet store pup, you are not
"rescuing the puppy".  You help the
puppy mill owner
continue to profit from
his dogs. Its the same with Rescues.  
Those dogs do not come with a health
history, and often have health or
behavior issues.   In many cases, you
also take on future health problems and
the Vet bills to go along.  Mine are AKC
and State Inspected and Approved. What
a difference!
Josie... what a Cutie Pie!
From left to right, Punkin, Ginger, and Papi,
some of my Yorkies in Georgia
Coopers favorite toy- a water bottle.  He is
Papi and Gingers boy
Met this sweet couple getting two Carter
Yorkie puppies in Birmingham, AL.  
Int'l. Champion sired Yorkie, King, we nicknamed
Milo, which means beloved.  Every Yorkie in his
pedigree is a Champion or International Champion.
Reese and Millie, two  yorkie
puppies we kept  in Georgia.  
one of my yorkie puppies in Thomasville,
All the photos on my site are meant to be educational, showing my history, the
Yorkie parents and grandparents, and their puppies through the years.   If you
already know everything you need to, feel free to skip to Available Puppies
page for info. on my current Available Puppies.