This is a Buttercup & Max daughter,  Annabelle       
Hope things are going well...
Just wanted to give you an update on Annabelle.  At 6
months old, she is 4 1/2 lbs. and is wonderful.  She is
beautiful...even our vet thinks so.
She has the best personality & loves to play constantly.   
She took  a visit for a haircut last week...they put a bow in
her hair which she promptly removed in less than 5
minutes, so  they put a cute little bandanna on her...all day
she laid around & refused to play.  I was getting worried
about her & just before I was going to call the vet she got
the bandanna off & was fine.  She was just pouting.  
(typical female, right?)  We even found a condo that allows
pets so she will be taking her first visit to the beach in
July.  We just could not stand to be away from her a week.  
We are hooked!  Thanks so much for raising such good
Robby & Tedica
Christmas Yorkie puppy
This is from one of  Nala's kids:  
Ms. Lisa, She is doing great! She went the whole
weekend without having any accidents. Now I just
need to get her to go to the door to ask to go out. I
have been crate training her but have read  that
Yorkies are a challenging breed to house break.  If you
have tips that any of your clients recommend please
let me know. We went through the first part of
obedience school and she did well. She obeys sit,
stay, wait, and drop it. She also comes (most of the
time:-) when I call her.I weighed her yesterday and she
is up to 3 lbs 6oz. at 8 months, but she thinks she is a
giant.    Maria in Jacksonville, Florida
This is one of Pansys kids
Hey Ms. Lisa,
Just wanted to send you a picture of Lucy .
This is a picture of her opening her Christmas
presents. She is now 9 months old and doing
great.  She is the delight of our lives. She is
such a joy and she loves her "Daddy and
Mama". Hope you get the picture.
Ann in Georgia
Thanks! - I enjoyed it so much I put it on the site!
teacup Yorkie
Hi Lisa!
Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas. Just
wanted to let you know that he is still doing great! My
Dad and stepmother have fallen in love with him, and
talk about him all the time. It's almost like he's another
grandchild, the way they spoil him! He's definitely a big
boy- and we love every bit of him! We're still working on
housetraining, but I know he'll get the hang of it. He
sleeps with me every night, and it's always right by my
side. His new favorite friend is my cat, Loki. Whenever
he hears Loki meow, he goes running! Hope you have a
wonderful 2007, and I'll try to send some pictures as
soon as I can. Thanks again for such a wonderful
dog-he's truly a part of the family!
Lil Bit, Yorkie
Little Bit lives in south Georgia.  His
owner says he is the best lap dog.
This couple has had Yorkies for many years.. so I value their
opinions and their friendship.  Thanks so much for the kind
letter.  This is a Rosie and Tuffy puppy
Our Dear Lisa!!!    You are one of the most wonderful people we
have ever met!!!   You are a very special Lady who has and still
is making lots of families very happy!!!  This little angel is so
cute and sweet, and we showed her off in Moultrie,
Thomasville, Monticello, and all over our neighborhood in
Tallahassee!!!  Precious has entertained people from Mr.
Suber in Moultrie who is 98 to the little baby girl visiting the
Manager at Fred's in Monticello, as we promised to stop back
by on the way home.  Precious is winning the hearts of too
many people.  They love her!  She is so tiny and yet she
radiates joy and happiness to everyone she meets.  She met
about 40 folks today!!!  I could go on and on and on!!!  
Precious is all curled up at my feet as I type.  Her personality is
really coming out, and she is getting braver by the minute!.  Her
Mommy Rosie and Papa Tuffy were so cute, and we fell in love
with all of the doggies!  We would have liked to taken about ten
home with us!!!
We hope to see you again.  Your son is experiencing things
that very few will ever enjoy, seeing and holding all the little
babies always being born on Carter's Ranch!!!  Maybe we can
get a playmate for Precious in the future!
God bless each of you, and we will think of you often because
we now have Precious!!!  We will continue to pray for your kids
in Washington state.
Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to say hello and tell you that Kennedy is
doing just fine and is the prince of the house!  He has
more clothes than I do!!  (my daughter thinks he has to
have an outfit for every occasion, poor guy!).  He is just
the cutest thing and we love him to pieces.  Would really
like to get a "friend" for him, but it is not in the budget
right now!   Hope all is well with you.   Thanks,  Gina

Hi Lisa.  We bought a puppy from you in
August. It was from
Smartie Pants and
We named him Kosmo. He has
grown to be a handsome pup. He is so loving.
He now weighs 3lbs and 6 oz. at four months
old. I'm sorry it took so long to send u pics.
Thanks for such a beautiful doggie. We
couldn't ask for better. We are even
considering getting another pup in the future.
Thanks again. ~The Edmonds

We love to get email!  Candy reserved her girl when it was born.
"Gia is such a cute dog, potty training has taken a big turn & she now is doing
great with it.   Everyone loves her to death, I mean I never knew I could love a dog
this much.  Gia right now weighs 1.8, well that was her weight last week.  she's
still small as ever though she seems to be getting a little taller. And she's so
spunky but when we go out she is very shy & quite..  She's very attached to
everyone especially me.  Hopefully we'll be able to get one of her brothers but if
someone scoops them up before I get to them, do you plan on breeding them
again?  I would love one from the two of them again (they make beautiful
  Have a great day."   Candyce
Thanks, Candy, you made my day!  Ms. Lisa

Here's a copy of this sweet letter to let you see one of the reasons I've loved
working with Yorkies and their people for 30+ years!    Ms. Lisa

This is a Tuffy and Nala Yorkie puppy.

Here are many actual letters I get from my sweet clients about their Yorkie puppies.  I am happy to keep in touch. Check out my page (Carter Yorkies) on Facebook, so you can see current photos posted by my
clients on there.  If you would like to have one of our happy, healthy Carter Yorkie puppies,
contact us at My clients do recommend us, and their pictures are scattered throughout my pages.  We
are proud to have our Vet also recommend us as their top Yorkie Breeder!   It's nice to have good references.  As a client recently said, "I was impressed with seeing how many clients sent you happy photos and letters
about their puppies."  She felt more comfortable knowing there were many happy customers!
I am State Licensed and AKC Inspected and Approved.
This is a Tuffy daughter.. Sadie is
wonderful.  She is so spoiled, I have no idea
what to do with her.  She still weighs about
3.5 pounds.  Her weight is doing great.  She
just turned one also.  She gets pampered
wherever she goes.   I am in the aviation
field.  I am stationed in Miramar, CA -  you
know the movie Top Gun.  Take care.  I will
get some pictures asap, I promise.  Semper
Fidelis,  Jimmy  in California
Hey Lisa,
Just wanted to drop you an email and tell you
what a joy Casey is.  He has really made such a
difference in my life.  His love and companionship
since the death of my husband has really helped
me get through some difficult times.  Thank you
so much.  I pray that God richly blesses you for
being so caring.
What a doll Ms. Jeannie is- pretty and sweet.  
Casey is a Daisy son in Valdosta, Ga..  
Such a sweet letter from this lady.
Dear Lisa,  At present Maggie is doing good.  
She is such a sweet puppy.  I think it was love at
first sight.  Lisa, she is smart, sweet, fun, and
loving.  Everyone loves her so much.  She was
easy to housebreak and took to the leash from
the git-go!  
She has favorite toys that we name and she can
identify them when we tell her to bring so & so.  
Maybe I'm bragging too much but I sure am
crazy about my Maggie.  Thank you.  Sara
Hi Lisa,    I wanted to let you know that Jasper has
been charming EVERYONE he meets.  He fell into our
lives as if he was always a member.  His doctor visit
was EXCELLENT.  He had a clean bill of health!!  Plus
all the nurses and the DVM have named him "love
muffin" - I know I am a little scared of that- (smile).  
Jasper will be getting micro-chipped this week.  He is
being treated at Heartwood Animal Hospital in NC.
My husband, who was doing this for our family, has
fallen in love with him.  He nicknamed him J-Rock.  He
will wake up at 6AM to walk him in our development.  
He is such a good pup.  Our mailman has said that he
is the best behaved dog he has met.  You maybe
getting some more customers from North Carolina.  
Thank you and your family for such a wonderful gift.  
We truly thank you
.  What a great letter!  
This is Callies pup- North Carolina.
Jasper,one of my
Yorkie puppies and
grown, below

I just wanted to let you know we took Zoey to the vet
today and he said she looks great, not even any
worms!  She has done very well at home, and only
whines in her crate if she needs to go outside, and has
not had too many accidents.  She is very spunky and is
fitting in well!  Thank you again for taking such good
care of her! We will definitely be in touch!  Emily
p.s.  Not sure if you could use this on your site, but on
the way to the vet she fell asleep holding her duck
toy...too cute I had to send it! Look at how her ears are
standing up so well!
Thanks so much- too cute is right! She is Pansys
Zoey Rae
Happy Families
three yorkie puppies
Hi Lisa,

I wanted to let you know our little man is thriving.  We love him SO
much. He is hysterical.  He runs and jumps and retrieves everything.  I
think he is part hound.  He has changed SO much he is silver and a
little red in the face.  His ears are up now.  My baby is so adorable.  He
will be getting neutered soon.  The children love him and so do we.  I
can NOT tell you how thankful we are to you and your family.  Jasper
has so much personality.  He also loves socks and continually hides
and steals them from the kids – which is hysterical!  Did I say we love
him?  I will be sending new pictures soon.  We had a little problem with
my camera (water – you don’t want to know).   Thanks again & God
What a great family and such a nice letter!
Just wanted to let you know that his first night went
really well. He cried a little, as to be expected, but it
was no big deal.  He loves the canned puppy food,
and is staying well hydrated, so I think he will do just
fine.  I went to the petstore today and found itty bitty
puppy bones (about the size of a macaroni noodle).  I
gave him one and he actually crunched it into small
pieces and ate it.  It was the cutest!   I can't get over
how friendly and playful he is! He is a great puppy.
Thanks again for everything. I will send you some
pictures and another update when he gets a little
 This is a tiny Yorkie puppy from Smartie
and Jazmine.
Dr Fredas teacup Carter Yorkie
Here is Ayana's new puppy
above, and as an adult below,
with his new 'do! She is in
Atlanta, Ga.
These Carter Yorkies live in Atlanta
Two puppies are better
than one

Today Miley is going to Spokane to Ireland's dance class to be shown
off to the little girls.  Her dance teacher has 2 yorkies but they are not
nearly as cute.  I hope you know how spoiled and loved she is!!  She is
fitting in so good.  She sleeps all night without crying.  We are loving
being her new family.  Ireland has two much older brothers who live in
Spokane.  They can't wait to see her.  I hope you sell out your puppies.  I
know we will be buying another one someday.  I just can't tell people
enough about the great experience we had with buying her from you.  
We were quite worried and scared about online buying.  We were told
to never buy a dog without seeing it and the home first and never have
one shipped.  
I wish everyone online looking for a yorkie knew about
you and your beautiful puppies.
Me Too! Sincerely ,  Greg, Kellie and
This is Sophia's puppy.
Best buddies in Colombia, South America

He was absolutely perfect on the way
home.  I stopped twice to let him use the
bathroom and he did both times. Potty
training is going wonderfully.  I can't believe
how well it is going. We went to the vet
today and got a clean bill of health.  It was
just a check up since he is not due for any
shots. He may be small but he is very
healthy.  We are just so thrilled with him!!  
He is totally the perfect dog for us,
personality and everything!!  Thank you so
much for allowing us to buy one of your
puppies. It was love at first sight on this
one.    Wendy
This is one of Coco's puppies
I hope everything is well.  I am sending you a
recent picture of Bodie and me.  He is 3.5 pounds
now and doing great.   We are in obedience
training and the instructor says Bodie is going to
set the curve in the class!  He is fiesty and super
playful at home, but also really sweet.  He has
come along great with potty training.  We flew to
Chicago for Thanksgiving  and my parents love
him too.  
Hope the rest of your holiday season is great.    =)
a cute Yorkie puppy and his smart owner. '08
Hi Lisa,
This litle boy is something else!
He is spoiled already and he
jumps and bounces around like a
furry ball.  We discovered how
much he likes
to chew on fingers and toes. Our
cats watch him with amazement
and they run when he tries to
chase them.  Little Maxwell is the
best thing
we could have ever done.  We will
keep u posted on his little
Tom and Martha
I have attached a picture of Baxter and Mojo on their first
birthday.  They are a delight.  It is so much fun to watch
them play and race around the house after each other.  
Mojo is such a sweetie.  He has a gentle nature to him,
except when he plays with his brother!  Baxter is 5.5lbs
and quite the dominant one!  Although he prefers to curl
up in my lap for a nap at just about any time.  We've had
them in training and they are quite smart.  I've also
attached a picture of them in "place".  Amazing how
quickly they picked up the commands.  Hope you are
doing well and just wanted you to know that we love the
boys to pieces and are glad they joined our family!  Cheri   
So nice to hear from these two Pansy sons
a Cute Zinnia boy
I am happy to say he ate very
well today and he slept well and
he used puppy pads.  He was
alot more energetic and playful
today!  He did not whimper at all
last night.    He is doing great!  I
just love him!  He is so calm and
so cute and I found out today
that those little teeth are pretty
sharp!  If I have any more
questions I'll be emailing!  
Thanks again for your help!   
Meredith in Atlanta, Georgia
Hi Lisa:
We bought one of your Yorkies this past July and just wanted to
send you a few pictures of her.  Coco has stolen our hearts and
we absolutely adore her !  She follows me everywhere when I am
at home and is my constant companion.  She likes nothing better
than to curl up on your lap and sleep (when she's tired)
otherwise she is constantly in motion.  Wish I had ½ the energy
she does!  Thank you so very much for giving us such a beautiful,
smart, and loving companion.  She knows no strangers and
loves everyone & everything.  Coco has brought so much joy to
our family; we wouldn't know what to do without her!  She is like
another child to my husband and I and we spoil her rotten.  One
of the pictures I am attaching is of her crawling into her toy box
to find a favorite toy of hers... all of these were taken within the
last 2 weeks.    Again... thank you for giving us such a beautiful
and lively puppy - we will always be grateful.  
Sincerely,  Kathleen  
Pansys cute daughter
Lisa,   I just thought I would send you this
current pic of Scout.  He just turned three and
we can't even remember life without him.   
Thanks again,  Donna in Florida
Scout, teacup Yorkie
I was cruising the site and realized that when i come back
into the country I will be driving back down to get another one
of your puppies. Xavier is doing really well and is with his
Auntie right now while I'm deployed. She drove down with me
to get him and between me, her and her husband, he is
spoiled. He such an awesome dog. He still only barks when
the door bell is sounded but other than that he does not
bark(awesome). He tends to forget that he is a dog and will
not go out in the rain if he has to potty but will never go in the
house. He was soooo easy to train and a very fast learner. He
still loves to go out in the back yard and wander until he is
ready to come in . He goes to doggy day care for his
interaction with other dogs since pitbulls are in my area. He
loves to go there and play in the pool. Well just wanted to let
you know I'm so grateful for my little guy and I will be emailing
soon to reserve him a little  play buddy.   Miss Mo
Hi Lisa,
I'm just opening this...more evidence of my
technological challenges.  Gracie is beautiful.  
As soon as I learn to send pictures, I will make
sure u get one.  Her eyes are enchanting. She
weighs 3.6lbs.  Her face and under coat are all
platinum.  Her black top coat is growing less
every day. We all luv her to death, even
Tobias.  Our vet has a special fondness for
bird dogs, but Gracie has even captured his
heart.  He has a fit over her every time she
goes in for a check up.  Thanks for sharing the
fruits of your has been our blessing.  
Take care.  Hope to send you pictures soon.
Blessings to you & your family.  
This is a Nala
& Smartie puppy   in south Georgia
Hi Lisa, just wanted to give you an update on Molly.  
dreamed of!  She is extremely independent (the
standing up and she's about 80% potty trained.  
She is so smart- she will chase a ball and bring it
back to Brooks.  We can't imagine life without her.  
It's a new adventure with her every day.  The whole
family has crowned her  "Miss Personality".  It's
really profound what Brooks said to me yesterday,  
"I would have paid twice as much as we paid for
her, to have her". That pretty much sums it up how
we love our baby doll.  Love, Kathleen   in Georgia
Here is my real reward- happy new friends.

I am trying to take a photo of her in the same position as a
photo I saw on your website of her Dad, Max.  Max was
looking out a window and it was a beautiful photo.  I have
floor to ceiling windows in my living room and I am trying
to pose Tink just like Max was in that photo.  Not having
much success with that task.  She looks like a little
rag-a-muffin.  I comb her and she is beautiful for 10
seconds.  Then the hair goes back to separating into
strands - but she is soooooo beautiful.  I think I will keep
her hair long.  Once the puppy fur fell out she has actual
hair - like people.  It doesn't really tangle.  I groom my pups
myself.  Anyway, thanx again for Tink.  She makes me
smile!   T
Love hearing from my Yorkie puppies and their people.  
That silky coat really is easy to keep.  Tink could have her
own fan club- she has people writing to me often, to try to
buy her....
TINK, Buttercups daughter in Naples, Florida
We just got home with him and he is so sweet!  We first
walked him around the house in the grass and he immediately
went potty.  Then we walked him a bit and he took right to the
leash.  He wants so much to be right next to us at all times.  
He shakes when we set him down in the house (probably
because of the 8 and 13 pound kitties) so I have been holding
him and he is sleeping in my lap right now   He is so cuddly
and loving.  I can tell that he comes from a very loving family
and I must thank you for that.   Our kitties have responded
much better than I thought.  They are inquisitive but are more
accepting in their curiosity than I thought they would be.  I will
definitely follow your advice on feeding, potty training, and
bedding set up. Any and all advice is completely welcomed,
especially from his first human mother. Haha!    Thank you for
everything! Erika
 This puppy is Nala's. He flew from Georgia
to Washington state that day.
Here are some cute Webster stories -
1)  If you'll recall, I'm hoping to train him to be a therapy dog.  His puppy
kindergarten starts 7/13 but I had a chance today to take him to a
rehab.  I put him on the lap of an older lady and while on her lap he laid
down and let her pet him for at least 30 minutes when I had to leave.  
He seemed to know what was expected of him.  On my lap at home
he's a typical little puppy who is always looking for something to do,
but with her he was totally calm. It was amazing!!
2)  He goes to work with me every day and yesterday when I got back
from a meeting his crate was gone and in it's place was a note
demanding $25,000 in unmarked bills.  Signed by one of my team.  (OK,
not the smartest dog-napper!!)  Seems everyone was in on it because
no one would tell me where he was.  Even knowing he was safe with
people he knew I was getting a bit concerned after hunting through the
church for 30 minutes.  But finally found him, happy as a little clam,
sleeping in the office next to mine.  The ransom note is going in his
baby book.
3)  Webster has changed the dynamics of our family. We already had
two males and one female Chihuahua. The oldest male (7 years old) is
the alpha dog, although he doesn't know it. He's a very nervous,
frightened little fellow who never plays but the other two treat him as
alpha.  Bless his heart!  Webster moves in and because this alpha
(Puddles) doesn't growl at him when he approaches, he plays with
him.  Moving this story along:  Webster has turned Puddles into a
player and even in this short period of time, they have formed a bond.
Their bond is stronger than any of the other bonds in the doggie
family.  Webster has been so good for Puddles.  Truly great to see  him
play and enjoy doing it.  Thank you Webster!!
 Fantastic. He is doing
therapy already!
I'm certain, Lisa, down the road when we need another dog, it will be a
Yorkie and he will come from you.  Webster is fantastic.  Several folks
have asked where he came from and I've given them your name so I'm
certain they will be looking at your website.  When he tires, he finds
me and falls asleep at my feet.  What a boy!   Sandra
This is a Buttercup and Max boy in Tennessee.
Hi Lisa,  Just wanted to let
you know, Gracie is
GREAT.  We love her so.  
She is so smart and
sweet.  Thank you so
much for Gracie.  P.S. We
look at your website daily
and love all the new
babies.  They are so
Beautiful!! thank you for
everything you do.  
Meers family, in Georgia
Miley, teacup yorkie puppy
teacup Yorkies
Sophia and Smarties daughter Miley above on her 1
yr old Birthday. "We just love and enjoy her so
much.  I love the pictures of her on your site. The
Luiten's in Washington
Hummer is just adorable. He is very sweet and very
playful. I did get pictures printed finally--I just have
to get doubles made so that I can send you a
couple. He is really adorable. He is 4.13 pounds now
at 8 months. Just wait till you see his face.     
Jennifer  in Delaware
Athens, GA;  we finally made it back at 8:30 PM and
Rocky) arrived in good shape.  We were well pleased
settled into a good routine.  They get lots of walks many
accidents, but just enough to give us practice watching
busy pups and making mad dashes to the door just in
time!   Ginger is the dare-devil, as she is much too
pounsy. First thing she did when we got home was to
run up our stairs to the second floor and look over the
railing to the floor ten feet below.  I grabbed her just as
she was thinking about trying to fly!
Their first trip to the Vet went well.  They both got a
clean bill of health!  
Also, took them by Mimi's work yesterday and stopped
all work as they took over the office.  I think we have
sold lots of puppies for you!  Are there any finder fees
available?  Just kidding!   
Dr. Kicklighter  in Athens, Georgia
Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!  
Jasmine is beautiful and so intelligent. After
the holidays we will send you a full update with
all the details. You can see by the photo
attached she poses for the camera. We can't
thank you enough.  Merry Christmas, Steve,
Stacey, Devon and Darielle  
Jasmine is one of
Buttercups beautiful daughters
Baxter and Mojo two of Pansys sons
Carter yorkies
Lisa, Just thought I would update
you...  Chloe did not whine or cry  
last night.  She played and bounced
around after her bath.  I put food in
her bowl and she ate it up with no
worries at all.... she didn't seem
upset, nervous or anything from
being away from her mom.  She
settled right in and once she got
ready to lay down she went right
into her crate like she had lived
there all her life.  She did not whine
or cry all night last night and she
used the pee-pad to do her
business at least twice last night.  
So far she is being the perfect
doggie!  Janice in Georgia
Reef is with him.  Our Goldens seem to
like him too!  His ears are standing up
now and potty training is going pretty
well.  He is so sweet and fun.  I have
been having to allot each of my kids
one-on-one time with him because he
is so popular!  He has been
EVERYWHERE with us and has been a
great little traveler.   Thanks so much
for such a great little puppy and for
putting up with all my questions!  Dottie
in Florida
Cooper,Yorkie puppy
Paula with Molly Rose
(A Ninja/Max puppy sent to Washington State). I had a few very
cute pictures of Ozzie that  I would love to show you and and
wanting to snuggle or play all day. He is a very active dog and
goes to the dog park with his big brother (the golden retriever).
I find that wherever I go, I always hear how great my little guy is
and they go on and on about his personality. Another usual is: 'I
don't like little dogs, but I like this one'. This last one was made
from my neighbor. I gave him your contact information, and
website info.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. I have so many but it
shows how well he has adapted to my life up here in
An update on the little guy - he's doing well in
his  lessons (by Orion Kennels here in
Tennessee).  I'm starting him on rally and soon
on agility.  We'll try it all and see what he likes
best.  Believe me, he's dog enough to let me
know very quickly what he likes and doesn't
like.  He's very close to getting his STAR every
day.  Down the road I know there will be
another Carter Yorkie in our home. Here's his
latest beach picture -
one of my Yorkie puppies in Atlanta with Dr.
Hi Lisa,
Lola is getting along fabulously, and seems
continue to work with her on
housebreaking, which is hit and miss (as
expected), but are making headway.  This
is the best Christmas present the children
have ever had!
All the best over the holidays…Rob
in South Carolina
beautiful CarterYorkie
Thanx, I am not showing her.  I only show her picture
to everyone I see.  She is so beautiful.  I was speaking
to my sister yesterday and told her that I would never
buy a pet from a pet store again.  "You get what you
pay for."  I know that sounds insensitive when you are
speaking of a member of your family.  Tink is truly a
member of our family.  She is the baby.  Thanx again.
Buttercup and Maxs daughter in Naples, Florida.
Samson is an absolute delight.  At 9 1/2 weeks he is
still well under 3 pounds, eats great and always goes
outside.  He is beginning to walk on the lead with his
new mates, but does not like the ice, snow, cold or
wind.  Neither do I, but he will adjust. He is very smart,
during the night. I could not have asked for a more
perfect Yorkie pup. Thank you so much.  I think he
resembles the puppy pics of his mom that I loved so
much on your website.  Hoping you and your family
have a healthy and happy new year.'09    Beth Ann
and Steven in New York
Samson, teacup Carter Yorkie
Yes she did seem very happy! I am just so glad it
worked out so well and I REALLY appreciate all that
you did to help with this!! You and your family are
truly amazing people and enjoyed meeting you all! I
will keep you posted on her and send a pic when
she is older! She is sound asleep right now and my
other dog is quickly warming up to her! She has not
whined once when getting ready to sleep and I
have to tell you, she has the BEST personality
imaginable! She has already melted all our hearts
(especially moms)! She is so precious! We have
not decided a name yet but are planning on
deciding on one sometime tomorrow! (I'll let you
know)     Brittany    2010
Hope all is well with you and your family.   
Samson turned 6 months old 2 weeks ago
and weighed in at a mighty 5 lbs., 1 oz.  He is
totally housebroken now, extremely smart
and very affectionate.  His energy is
boundless and he just loves the outdoors.
Samson is all boy. He gets along very well
with his 8 yo Westie male and 7 yo Cairn
female buddies.  Everyone he meets thinks
he is gorgeous and of course we agree.  Am
enclosing a picture taken today (28
weeks).    We remain very thankful for
having found such a reputable breeder of
such great looking yorkies that posess
such wonderful personalities.
She has been so wonderful with us. I’m
including a picture of her for  your web site.
I can’t wait to get another puppy.
I asked "Is she smart?"
Smart? Oh my God, sometimes I get scared
of how smart she is. She got housebroken
in 1.5 weeks after she got here and she has
been surprising us since then.
She likes to be with humans, even with kids
believe it or not  but she doesn’t like other
dogs. I think this is because of the lack of
interaction with other animals here.  If we
get another puppy I would like it as smart
as Gigi. I'm going to call you to get another
test but he passed with his usual enthusiasm.  I was a bit
nervous at the beginning of the testing because the judge
said, before we even started, 'This will be good for him to
take the test, but be aware we don't usually pass dogs as
young as he is.'  Well, wasn't that a great start for us!!  But
Webster blew her socks off!!  Afterwards she commented
that not only did he do well on the commands and exercises
but she felt he had a lot of heart.   So this means, that during
the week of his first birthday, he received his
Canine Good
 And in the week of the anniversary that he left
'home' and joined our family, he received his
Therapy Dog
Lisa, you've produced quite a little guy.
One quick story: there was a huge dog there this morning
who apparently did not like small dogs and made a lunge for
Webster (since he was in the arena when this happened he
was immediately disqualified and sent home) and Webby
was in such shock he just stopped and went into a sit/stay
and watched while the handler drug the large dog off.  It was
a hoot and everyone was really impressed with Webster.  
And believe me, every opportunity I get I tell them 'he came
Carter Yorkies in Georgia and to check their
Woohoo!!            Sandra and Webster in Tennessee
Pilots love Carter Yorkies
This couple flew from Kansas to get their
puppy in their sharp antique Piper plane.  
They brought a load of goodies to us.  I know
she will be spoiled!
Coco & Riley Swimming at Lake Jewel yesterday
afternoon!  I had to send this picture of the babies to
you; I can't believe how fantastic they did at the lake
yesterday - there were five dogs - all of them loved the
water and both Coco & Riley just walked right in and
started swimming to me without any hesitation-
I was floored!  I thought for sure there would have to
be a lot of coaxing and sweet talk to get them both in
the water
swimming CarterYorkies
buying two Carter Yorkies
I want to thank you for the great job you've done maintaining
the integrity of the Yorkie breed. I have met other yorkies
and none come close to the intelligence and loving
temperament of my Diesel. I know my mom and grandma
look forward to meeting you too since Diesel has stolen
their heart too!!  
Erikas mom and grandmom came to get
her second Carter Yorkie~!
& Max's!  I just wanted to drop in to tell you that I've arrived to
my new home safely ...I LOVE it here!!
Both of my new parents, are very impressed with how smart I
am:)  I'm even doing VERY well with my potty pad training!  
Everyone, everywhere we go, says that I'm adorable!
..livin THE life in Atlanta, Big Louie
PS. Thank you so much for all the joy that this lil guy has
brought into our hearts & our home.
We just LOVE & ADORE him!!  
Thanks again, Liza & Tony 2010
It’s hard to believe that Little Bit
is about to be 13 years old.  (I’ve
attached a recent picture.)  He
has been such a joy and has
brought so much happiness to
our family.   Carter Yorkie in
Moultrie, Georgia
I'm sending you a picture of our Jasmine.  She is
so pretty.  She is very sweet but at times she can
get an attitude.  And that usually happens after
the word no.  She is doing really well with potty
training.  When we brought her home, took her to
the vet everyone there had a fit over her.  
Jennifer didn't think we were going to get her
back.  She now weighs 1lb 9oz.  She is a joy and I
will say spoiled.  Thank you very much.
Hello Lisa, I bought LD from you back in Oct.  I thought that
got his first hair cut today and he looks GREAT!!  Ok, I'm a
little biased too.  
He is mostly potty trained now. He knows sit, down and
mostly heel.  He's learning stay and come right now.  He's
had all his shots and I registered him with the AKC.   All in
all I could not be more pleased.  He's been a great addition
to my life!
Bill in New York
just wanted to check in and give you an
She is a ton of energy, but also super cuddly
and calm.  Can a dog really be that way?  We
have so enjoyed her and she is a wonderful
addition to our family.  All of the kids on our
street love playing with her.  She is a great
pet for everyone.  Thank you so much for
selling her to us.
 here's my son, Maddox (2
years old) carrying her around- Feb.'10
We will send more pictures soon.  Take care
and Happy Spring! Lisa F
in Tallahassee, FL.
I just wanted to let you know our
little rotten "Emmit" is wonderful.
Here is a recent photo to add to
your collection.
Hurricane Haircuts for Rudy and
Robbie, two Carter Yorkies living
in south Florida.  They knew they
might be without power, and got
them cut short.  Really cute!
Letter from Customer who bought a yorkie puppy in Atlanta, Ga.  
Hello Lisa,  I hope this email finds you well. We think of you often with such gratitude; for bringing the joy of Louie into
our lives.  Louie now weighs about 6.4 lbs  ...just like you predicted, lol.
I wanted to say Thank You again for raising such amazing Yorkies. Louie has the most amazing spirit and gentleness to him that's like
no other. I know you know what I mean, lol. I'm sure his parents must be the same way ...perfect kind gentle sweethearts :)
He just has the most amazing beautiful personality.
He's my life:) literally!!
Lisa, Thanks again for ALL the Love that Louie has brought to my life and my heart. Because of him, I feel safer in the world. You do
some pretty wonderful things by sharing such love thru those Yorkies the way you do.  So, Please never stop doing what you do.
May you and your family's life always be the abundance you have already shared with so many.
Hoping everything is spectacular in your world and with all of you. Wishing you well always,   Liza  2014
Chester lives in Florida, and is 14
weeks old.  They say he is the
perfect Yorkie puppy.  
Chester enjoying his new home
Two Carter Yorkies and one very old  
Yorkie.  Mine have that "Look".
Dyllan, one of my yorkies in
Valdosta, Georgia
Here's a sweet letter I received today.
Lisa,  I wanted to send you a few pics of Charlie. One
of Claire's puppies from October of 2014. He is
absolutely gorgeous. He weighs 4 lbs but has the
personality of a giant. We have had yorkies in the
past but he is special. He is so smart and confident.
He learns so fast and loves to play fetch everday! It is
amazing to watch him find the ball. If it gets lost...he
searches with his nose down and circles just like a
hunting dog. I now know why it is important to get
your puppy from a reputable breeder like yourself.
He is healthy and beautiful but he also has a
bloodline that shows in his personality and his
instincts. He has such a great attention span and
loves approval and always wants to be doing
something (fetching, searching, learning tricks,
chewing bullysticks) He is just a happy little dog with
alot of love to give. He is so much more that we ever
expected and we want to thank you for that. You are
definitly the real deal and your experience and
knowlege show in the high quality dogs you produce!
You are wonderful!! Sincerely,  Jason & Connie
Charlie, one of Claires  
Yorkie puppies
Two Carter Yorkies boating
in South Carolina
Cooper, Yorkie puppy in
Tallahassee, florida
We are convenient to Valdosta, Albany,
Tifton, Thomasville, Savannah, Macon,
City, Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa,
Jacksonville, Dothan, and other major
southern cities.  We offer a courier
service, too, for delivery to you, if you
need delivery.  You do not pay in full
until you have your puppy in your arms,
within Georgia!
Griffith in
North Carolina
Lolo in Puerto Rico
says their only regret is
they didnt get their baby
Yorkie sooner
one of my beautiful Yorkies,
Jake, grown.  His owners say he
is amazingly smart!
Reese and Millie.  He is now
one of our stud dogs.
If you're interested in purchasing a
breeding or show prospect, be sure to
let me know ahead of time.  One of my  
clients, who has purchased several of
my puppies for breeding, is
Two of my Yorkies in south Georgia, grown, all
bundled up for some  unusual cold here..
Yorkie of the Month -  with over 700
teacup yorkie puppy in Jacksonville, FL
one of my teacup yorkie puppies in
Atlanta,  "Mocita"
Two of my pretty Yorkies live in Alabama.  
Theyre both Papi's sons (brothers).
3 of my Yorkie boys at their
Georgia farm.  Congrats to this
happy family!
Cooper lives in Albany, Ga.
Chantal in Bogota, Colombia, SA
Gracie, one of my Yorkie puppies,
in Jacksonville, FL