FAQ: Where are you located?  
We're located in south Georgia, an easy drive to Florida, South Carolina and Alabama.  Our clients drive from all
over the country.  My Carter Yorkie puppies live in several foreign countries, too.  Major cities within an easy
drive are Valdosta, Albany, Savannah, Macon, Gainesville, Lake City, Orlando, Tallahassee, Cordele, Atlanta,  
Jacksonville, Tampa, Warner Robins, Columbus, and Panama City- to name a few.
I also have a trusted courier to deliver your puppy to you, if you need delivery.  Special arrangements can be
made for delivery more than 4 hours away.
FAQ page
Their fearless, loving hearts.  I think that is
how we all get interested in owning our
first Yorkie.
FAQ: What size Yorkie is best for a family
with children?
The healthy, robust 6 to 7 pound
Yorkie is our favorite playmate for children. Although
knows how to handle with care.
We try NOT to breed the sickly, tiny, frail Yorkies.  
Breeders who intentionally breed for these kind and
call them "mini or micro Teacup" are often only
concerned with small size and not with mental or
physical health.  You may end up paying many times
more than just their price, in Vet bills for those puppies.
Many of my clients have spent a small fortune on their
first Yorkies health issues -from
other breeders.  When
we do have a really small one, it will be guaranteed
healthy, from our old fashioned lines.
parents.  Both parents have the silky long
coats- easy to care for, with very little
effort.  Yorkies are non- shedding, and
non-allergenic, too.  
Jasmine says I am Really not happy about
my first bath in the kitchen sink.  
FAQ: How doYorkies coats
They grow longer like a
human baby... short at birth,
getting longer with time. Pansy
shows her long silky coat after
a bath, at almost one year old.  
She has had
no special care to
grow coat- just good
bloodlines. Yorkies with show
coats are  wrapped up and
oiled to allow the coat to grow
Please write your specific descriptions of what type of dog you
are looking for...beautiful pet, companion to children, or show
dog.  As an experienced Yorkie Breeder, I'm great at matching
puppies to my clients wishes!      carteryorkies@yahoo.com
Mom brought home a really good surprise!
Healthy, hearty and happy.  These pictures are
Smartie Pants, 3 1/2 pounds grown. He loves cats-  
for breakfast.   He is a true terrier.  See that
twinkle in his eye?  His hobbies are long walks and
teacup stud Yorkie
teacup Yorkie stud dog
Smartie's pretty baby face
My sons favorite, Buttercup
This is Coco Bean, one of our darling
moms.  She has a very silky coat, so
sweet and weighs 4 1/2 lbs. She sat
quietly in my lap without begging while I
ate a sub sandwich at the horse auction.  
We kept her daughter, Coco's Callie.
Yorkie Tubing on the Coeur d'Alene river
The Adventures of Ninja
Kias Yorkie sister
Kia and Tuffy had two beautiful male puppies.  Cupid went
to a family in Florida.  We kept Oliver- pictured at top of
page.  He will make an excellent dad with many Champions
in his pedigree, and his beautiful qualities.
Kia at the AKC dog
show in Atlanta
AKC show Yorkie
Sundance, Kias dad
Tubing on the Coeur D'Alene River
Ninja and her family hiking on Mt. Spokane
in windy Washington
Yorkie kisses
Teenage Ninja in Georgia
We had a gentle Irish Wolfhound too, so we
Carter Yorkie Ninja
Naples Ninja and her beautiful Yorkie baby,
Atlanta CarterYorkie puppy
Shopping List
Naples teacup Yorkie puppy
Tastes just like chicken!
Gnocchi is cool with baby chicks
Sophia as a puppy above.  
Shown right, Sophia as a
young adult- 4 lbs. grown.

I want you to be well informed.  Most folks think a girl
Yorkie will be the sweet one. It may be the case in some
breeds.  But in Yorkies, based on my own personal
experience, its just not so.  Two Yorkie females will fight
over whose lap they sit on, whose toy it is, whose food
bowl... and the list goes on.  A boy will generally let the
girl choose, and accept what is left over.  Give
consideration to what you really want and need.  Are you
equipped to handle a female, despite her seasons?  Or
would a sweet boy be just as good for your
companion?   I only recently learned of how wonderful
boy Yorkies are, myself.  I had always sent my girls off to
Champion males to be bred,  until about 14 years ago. I
had not owned males, so I didnt know how sweet and
calm they are.

Be certain you are ready for the responsibility of a
puppy.  Once you bring a new puppy home, you are
responsible for their vet visits and insuring  that they
remain healthy.  They are alot like children- and you are
very important to their health and well-being.  You must
be your puppys advocate. If your Vet suggests
something you wouldn't do to your child, then do your
research, and its OK to say No.   

Then let us know exactly what you're looking for. We try
to match our puppies with prospective owners.  We
know their character.  After all, we've handled and played
with them since they were born.    - Ms. Lisa
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Carter Yorkies AKC Yorkie puppies
teacup Smartie Pants

FAQ: Which Dog Food do I use?  
We have all heard of recent dog food recalls
for many damaging or deadly ingredients. The
brand I recommend has never had a recall:

Dr Jane Bicks top quality health foods for dogs
and cats, using high quality ingredients.
I use Lifes Abundance for dogs.  I'd like to help
my clients dogs have healthier lives. I can
help you have it shipped to your home at
wholesale prices.  Ask me about it, if you're
interested.  Or click blue words below
Lifes Abundance dog food
Kia and
Queen      I wanna go too
tiny puppy sleeping on lap
two male Yorkies in Orlando
Bobs Boyz -Henri and Louie in
Orlando, Florida
teacup Yorkie puppy

We are always happy to give our advice to
our clients.  You get free lifetime advice!
Recently, a client was having trouble
housebreaking her puppy.  After trying my
suggestions, she wrote  "We have
definitely turned a corner with our puppy.
Thank you so much for your suggestions.  
It is really helping!"  
With fourty plus years of experience, I can
usually find a solution to help out.

Mae Beth has decided TWO Yorkies are better than
one.  They get along well with other animals, and are
socialized with our cats.  Usually they entertain each
other while their owner is gone. Our clients find that it
one.   And, the vet normally only charges for one visit,
rather than two, when you bring both puppies in.  
There are many positive aspects to owning two.
FAQ:   What is your philosophy on Breeding?

Perhaps I'm old fashioned, but I only use high quality dogs for
breeding.  I try to match the Yorkie standard as closely as
possible in mama and daddy.
 I've been working on this for over
40 years. I know the bloodlines.  If you're looking to breed- be
sure to tell me, as that takes a special quality of dog, and full AKC
registration.  Most of my puppies are sold with AKC limited
registration. Often, this is due to a contract I've agreed to with
show bloodlines.  Yorkshire Terriers have so many variations, it
is a challenge to breed high quality dogs consistently.  The silky
coats and correct colors, pedigree, the correct body shape and
temperament are all very important in creating a quality dog
whether it will be a child's best friend,  a companion to a retired
couple, or a show dog.  

FAQ: Do you ship puppies?  Mine are healthy and will pass
Veterinary pre-flight inspections.  I flew my puppies
successfully to new owners for 39 years.  Due to new laws in
2014, we don't fly puppies without meeting their new owner.  
We can meet you at our closest airport which is Albany, Ga.
(1 hour away) if you fly here to pick up your puppy.
Courier service is available for $225,
delivered to you.  Usually we charge $225 to drive to Florida,
Georgia, Alabama, up to 4 1/2 hours one way (which is a 9 hour
day of driving for the courier). Ask for details.  Its safer than
flying, and my couriers are trusted family members.  In this way,
we comply with the new law, since your puppy is delivered, not
If you are out of the state of Ga., the balance on puppy must be
paid before it leaves. You will pay the $225 courier fee upon
having your puppy in your arms.
Air fare, Vet flight Certificate, microchip, and crate costs total
around $300 using Delta Pets First.  Some airlines allow a pet to
fly with you free... check your airlines policy.

There are scammers out there who advertise "Free  Yorkies" -  just pay for shipping!  Use
your good sense. If you see an expensive dog for free, something is wrong.... Usually it is a
scam.  You send your money to them for the so called "shipping".  Then you never see your
money or the puppy again. Those scammers copy cute puppy pictures and super
descriptions off the internet and use them to lure you in.
  It is the best of everything- best
Vet care, AKC registered, super pedigree, housebroken at 6 weeks old, Obedience trained,
and FREE!  Thats just too good to be true.  Often, they use broken English- poor grammar,
strange home towns like Los Angeles, Georgia...ha... and the "send money" part...They say
"I'm currently a missionary  in Africa and need to "give out" these perfect Yorkies cheap to a
good home."  WRONG.   Going outside the safe community of reputable breeders in search
of a cheap Yorkie  means you will likely be the victim of a scammer.  
A simple way to find out is to ask them to send a picture of your puppy with a card beside it,
on which they write your name and the date. Be sure to study the photo up close for signs it
is photoshopped... that actually happened recently. Ask for references.  
If they give
excuses, or dont send a real picture, dont send them  your hard
earned money!
It is a scam..  Good isn't cheap, and cheap isn't good!

They scam Breeders, too.  That is why I can not take personal checks or cashiers checks.
Personal checks bounce.  The new computers can print a cashiers check or money order
that looks real.  It happens.  Because I have a long history with Yorkies, which is shown on
the pages of my site and Facebook with photos, its safe to send me Western Union.  Using
Western Union or WalMart money grams for your $200 deposit is safe in the US, since they
check my drivers license or other government issued photo ID.   I can only take cash for the
final balance when you pick up your puppy.  You can click the
Happy Families page button at
top to get a good idea of my history and excellent reputation.  Full article on scams below on
FAQ page. .
I had a woman write to me and say she was mad!
She paid $450 for her Lab puppy and she was mad that she couldn't buy
a Yorkie for the same price!  I said, "Use your good sense." Labs live
around 6 years and Yorkies live about 15 years.  A Lab eats alot of food
and costs much more in daily maintenance than a small  Yorkie. A
Labrador will have 10-13 puppies each litter.  A Yorkie has 1-2 puppies.  
A Lab breeder will make $4500 for a litter and a Yorkie breeder will
make $2000.  It makes sense that Yorkies will individually cost more, as
there are less of them.  They are more rare and more in-demand
because of their small size, which fits so well with our lifestyles. They
are less expensive to maintain.  They are also more difficult to keep
alive at first- as newborn puppies, often requiring tube feeding to keep
them alive, every two hours.  Level of difficulty for the breeder means
their cost is more.  Plus, the quality of my Yorkies is evident in their
good looks, good  health,  and excellent pedigrees.  

The initial cost of a breeding pair of Yorkies can be $10,000. Add
vaccinations for puppies, dewormings, flea control, heartworm meds.,
genetic testing, tail docking, dewclaw removal, health certs., feeding
tubes, bottle feedings, no sleep, tons of time, C section for mama,
sometimes losing mama from C section, X rays, Vet bills if mama gets
mastitis, antibiotics, vitamin supplements, checkups for mama and
puppies, and the list goes on.  Quality costs more, but is always worth it!
FAQ:  What do I breed for?  I strive
to breed to match the AKC standard
for Yorkies.  That includes a silky
coat, blue back and gold head and
legs, size up to 7 lbs for show ring
dogs, good bite, level topline,etc...
all qualities I try to reproduce in my
puppies.  Good health, and
intelligence are qualities I breed
for, rather than tiny size. You are
Queens blue back and gold head are  
correct color and silky texture.  Her first
litter is beautiful.( We kept one,
Hermione.)  Queens Dad is a Champion.
clients answer this one.  " Hi Lisa,  My buddies who I was trying
to persuade to buy one of my dogs cousins, won't be.  They
bought a 12 week old Yorkie from a backyard breeder because
they could get her for $500.  
what did they get?  They got a dog that had poodie that had
to be cut out of the fur on the backside when they got home
(my concern would have been why did the pup have
already?), Diarrhea is often a sign of Coccidia, and can be
 and when I talked to her, she said about her new baby,
"She's cute, but she's certainly not as cute as yours."
Well, there you go.  You get what you pay for;  they could have
easily afforded the cost of a Carter Yorkie but they went for the
cheap.  And they already realize she's not as cute as she could
be.  You can lead a horse to water, but . . . . . .  
Meanwhile, I had to sit through Hotel for Dogs again last night.  
My dog was so zoned we just sat and laughed at him.  Yep,
Santa better bring him that movie!!  Merry, Merry Christmas.  
And realize how grateful I am to your breeding knowledge.  He
is a focused, strong little boy.  We're very fortunate to have
him!"  Sandra.  
I sure appreciate my loyal customers!
"Hi Lisa!   I wanted to drop you a quick line and let
you know how little "Riley" is doing.  He is so, so
different than Coco!  He's very laid back where as
she was hyper at this age (she still is to a degree)
and he loves to play with Coco - they race around
here like maniacs and to hear his little growl and
bark is a hoot - Coco didn't bark for like 3 months
after we had her with us.   
He is doing really well in the crate at night; only got
me up in the middle of the nights the first 2 nights
he was with us and now sleeps through the night.  
Potty training is a bit more tricky with a male. He
does well when going out with Coco and pees and
poops outside.
He was exhausted Christmas Day; we had about
20 people here and I think he spent a bit of time in
everyone's laps - he's adorable and everyone was
won in by his easy going manner.   
He goes for his first vet check tomorrow... it will be
interesting to see how much he weighs; he is so
round and solid and his coat is sooo thick and
fluffy (again, very different than Coco) I know he
has grown quite a bit in the short time we have had
Thanks for such a beautiful little puppy - we adore
him."    Kathleen
Coco and Riley
FAQ: Why are my Yorkies worth more?  Part 2. My client
My friend has rescued Yorkies for years and finally she
IBD.  What do you know about this disease?  I have been researching on
the web and Patti is very familiar with it since her last Yorkie (an older
rescue) also had IBD.  She is just devastated and rightfully so.  It is not
but it is just so sad that she is dealing with this again.  I didn't know if
you knew anything about this disease or had any words of wisdom I
could pass on to her.  I wish she had gotten one of yours  - I believe she
paid around $600 for him and as you know I would rather pay more
money and get a healthy puppy than pay less and be plagued with
various health issues.  I feel so bad for her and hope she will be able to
find something that works for him so that he will lead a pain free and
long life. Kathleen   
I'm sorry I can't offer help, as I have no experience
with IBD thankfully... I didnt even know what it stood for..Irritable Bowel
Syndrome...but it sounds terrible.  I'm happy to say, Mine dont have it!
One of my clients answered it best.  I just had
to share with you that Riley is coaxing Coco to
use the doggy door in our spare bathroom
(Coco is scared of it, but not Riley - he has NO
FEAR of it) .  The other thing and this to me is

just amazing
as he is just a little over 10 weeks
old - he is sitting on command!!!  Can you
believe it?  It's so helpful having an older dog
that is trained to help guide the younger one.  
When Coco was about 5-6 months I took her to
obedience class hoping it would aid in calming
her and focusing her.  That was a hoot as she
was just hyper, but she is very food-driven so
training went relatively easy - she can sit, lay,
stay, drop, shake & sit pretty on command and
stays with us now without a leash.  Everytime
she gets a treat (after she goes outside to
potty) we make her go through all these skills
so it's like second nature to her. Well, now with
the two dogs getting treats each time they
potty, Riley has picked up on the sitting and
now sits on command.  We are working on the
"down" command next...  I still can't believe it -
he is just so awesome.  
FAQ: What type of heated beds do I use?   Kathleen wrote: " I did
pick up two of the heating pads you recommended on the dog
website and they have been the best buy ever!!!  You should
mention them on your website as I know many yorkie owners
would probably benefit from the info"
There is a link on Avail.
Puppies page to
Jeffers pets where I get these hard plastic dog
heating pads. Put any soft, washable bed on top.  They are
practical, easily cleaned, and last a long time. Use Promo code
listed there for a better buy.

Your articles on your website about buying a boy vs. girl dog
would probably have always bought a male dog.  However I am
so thankful for Coco as she is very nurturing towards him and
has been such a blessing in making his transition into our home
almost effortless.  Also, Riley actually has started to scratch at
the back door like Coco does when she needs to go potty… just
amazing!!!  He is just the sweetest thing ever and so smart; we
all adore him and he has won all of us over in our household.  
Even the cats like him though I think that’s just because Coco is
no longer torturing them!  She’s too busy keeping up with Riley
and trying to keep him in line
Tink, one of my
Yorkies in Naples, Florida
Every dogs needs toys.  Observe
your dog's behavior with his toys.  
Behaving well with a toy one time
doesnt mean that he won't chew it
up and eat it the next. You never
know. Some toys are more durable
than others. Some toys are
designed to hold up to an
aggressive dog's chewing. Here are
some very strong toys that are
durable, and dogs really like them...
One is a fun fetch toy made of
recycled fire hose - very cool...the
Frequent Flyer. The second is the
Everlasting Fun Ball, which is the
most durable toy I've ever seen. You
can fill it with treats or kibble to
stimulate your dog to "think" and
try to get the treats out. I also like
"Kong" toys that can be filled with
treats to interest your dog for a long
time.  The last toy is a soft cuddle
toy - very cute and sweet but
durable. Its called the "Go Dog"
Lamb chew toy.  He has squeakers
in each foot which entice your dog
to play.  

Teva Animal Health, a division of Israel-based Teva
Pharmaceutical Industries had a voluntary recall.  When its
injectable Ketamine proved so unreliable that some animals
died and others were wholly unaffected, Teva got word that
the FDA was
recommending a recall … and shutting them
down, too. That was back in early September.

Teva knew. The FDA knew.  And a variety of veterinary drug
companies whose ketamine was manufactured by Teva- they
knew, too. Left out of the loop, however, were two crucial
groups of stakeholders:

• The team with the most to lose: pet owners.

• The team who could have made a difference, but didn't
know until late December they'd been using recalled drugs
for almost four months:   Veterinarians

Since Yorkies can be sensitive to anesthetics, be sure to
use one VET recommended and FDA approved.

We do not recommend neutering or spaying before the age
of 1 year.  They need hormones to develop and grow.  Early
neutering and spaying has been linked to health problems
later in life.   
older couple I was steering your way, but they decided
to get a cheap pup.  Well . . . .
This little puppy is a cute thing, but is very, very tall and
lean.  Has the Yorkie colorings and a cute face, but not
a good Yorkie face.  I've certainly not mentioned that to
them when they've sent pictures.  But in today's note
they said they've found out she
is not pure bred and so
terribly hyper they can't really  manage her.    Hate to be
an 'I-told-you-so' but they had to agree they now
they'd contacted you.
They've gone back to the breeder
and he won't take their dog back.  Because of
misrepresentation, that puppy will probably end up
changing homes several times before it finds a forever
Whereas, my dog is
perfect and sitting here staring at
me reminding me he's 30 minutes past dinner time.
I am experienced and reputable. My Yorkies are high
quality as my clients will gladly tell you!   Yes, there is a
Heres our cute Roxie and below
one of her '09 babies

issues that dog will have. Hypoglycemia occurs more often in 2 pound (.90
kg) dogs than in 7 pound (3.17 kg) dogs. A 2 pound dog will not recover from
health conditions as fast as a 6 pound dog, and often dies from
Ethical, professional breeders who are devoted to the love of the breed will
focus on breeding Yorkies who match the breed standard.

Can an ethical breeder sell Teacups? Yes. Why? It is a breeder who decides
which puppies will be
labeled as a Teacup and the word is not a noun, it is
an adjective. Therefore,
Teacup = small.
A breeder may carefully choose pairs with the goal of producing puppies
who, when fully grown, will be at the bottom side of the weight standard.  
Generally they range from 3 to 5 pounds . In doing this, a breeder is in the
range of the AKC standard and is not breeding unnaturally small dogs.
These dogs are often referred to as
Teacup Yorkies and this is fine...the
dogs are within the standard and not so small as to be overly fragile with
health issues.

There are breeders who aim to please the demand of the public and not
please those who show dogs. Put simply, they breed to make money.  If a
breeder purposefully breeds for dogs who are 2 pounds when fully grown,
this is not in the best interest of the puppies, owners, or the breeder. You
will find that
ethical breeders will not do this. It is illogical to do this, as
these very tiny puppies will struggle to survive. An ethical breeder invests a
lot of time and money into their lines. I have many parent dogs whose dads
are AKC Champions, and have multiple champion pedigrees.  They have
many extra health clearances, and will not pass on diseases to their
puppies.  Breeding dogs who do not survive is NOT my goal.

separate dog breed (saying that they do not breed Yorkies, they instead
breed the "
Teacup Yorkie" ) this is not ethical (as there is no such dog

If a breeder refers to dogs on the lower side of the accepted breed weight
standard and uses the word as a verb (meaning small), this is fine and
widely accepted.

We must remember that a 7 pound dog is a very little dog.

"Why are my Yorkies worth more?" Part 3
There are plenty of advertisements in newspapers and online for teacup
Yorkie puppies. It is very seldom that you will see them offered at rescue
centers.  Those at rescue often have hidden mental or physical issues.

This means you should be prepared to pay quite a bit of money in order to
get one. When you are reviewing the "teacup Yorkie" puppies for sale, you
need to be very picky about the breeder you work with. You want to make
sure they are taking good care of the dogs and they have a solid reputation
for selling high quality AKC Yorkie puppies.  AKC puppies are higher quality.

Reputable  Yorkshire terrier breeders understand the various health
considerations they need to look for. If they are seriously interested in
offering quality puppies, they will be careful about which dogs they breed.  I
give careful consideration to every breeding, and know my lines after 43
years.  Reputable breeders will look at the health of each dog before they
breed them. This way they are less likely to breed puppies with genetic
links to common health problems.

Some also offer a
written guarantee with the teacup Yorkie puppies for
sale. They will have stipulations that state you can exchange the puppy in a
specific period of time if certain health conditions are  found.

This is an excellent guarantee that helps to build the credibility of the
breeder. Make sure such stipulations are provided to you in writing, like I
do, so you can enforce them if you need to.

It is very important to understand that many tiny teacup Yorkie terriers do
end up with various types of birth defects. They may not be detected at
birth or when they get their initial check ups, though.  My written guarantee
is for one year, which should give you and your Vet enough time to discover
any defects.

As it is with any dog breed, it may be much later in life that heart problems,
tumors, or other health concerns are discovered by your Veterinarian.  If
your Vet convinces you to spay or neuter your pet early (before 1 year),
your Yorkie may experience joint problems like hips or knees, due to lack
of hormones during their growth period.  You need to decide before you get
any pet if you are committed to paying for their care, if it is required.

Chances are you are very excited about it.

To help be sure you get a healthy Yorkie puppy,  take your time to evaluate
how they are raised and what their current health is. The more research
you do, the better chance you will have of getting one that is going to live a
long and healthy life.
FAQ:  Which foods are toxic to Yorkies?   Please feed your Carter Yorkie only their
Lifes Abundance food. For a treat, a small amount of baked, skinless chicken breast is okay. You
may give your yorkie a little cottage cheese, or some plain yogurt that contains NO artificial
sugar.  If you have any questions about what foods you can give your Yorkshire terrier, please
call me!

Alcoholic beverages
Beer, and any other alcoholic beverages

Raisins and Grapes

Chocolate /Coffee/ Caffeine:
Chocolate contains theobromine, a compound that is a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic.
After a yorkie puppy has eaten a large quantity of chocolate, the signs of sickness may not be
seen for several hours, with death following within 24 hours. Symptoms include staggering,
labored breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, tremors, fever, heart rate increase,
arrhythmia, seizures, coma and death.

Cocoa powder and cooking chocolate are the most toxic forms. These forms of chocolate
contain 10x more theobromine than milk chocolate. A chocolate cake could be a real health risk
for a small dog. Even licking a substantial part of the chocolate icing from the cake can make a
dog sick.

Semi-sweet chocolate and dark chocolate are the next most dangerous.  Of course, the smaller
the dog, the less it needs to eat.

The fruit, pits and plant can trigger fluid retention in your Yorkies lungs. This can lead to difficulty
in breathing, causing lack of oxygen, leading to death.

Onions-  and in large amounts, Garlic:
Contains the toxic ingredient thiosulphate. Yorkie affected by onion toxicity will develop
hemolytic anemia where the yorkies red blood cells burst while circulating in its body.
Symptoms include labored breathing, liver damage, vomiting, diarrhea and discolored urine.

The poisoning occurs a few days after the yorkie puppy has eaten the onion. All forms of onion
can be a problem including dehydrated onions, raw onions, cooked onions and onion powder. Be
careful of foods containing garlic or onion powders. It is toxic to your yorkie puppy.  Yorkie
puppies are sometimes fed baby food. Some baby foods contain onion powder! Read the label
and check.
Baby foods labeled "better tasting" also contain onion powder!

Sugarless Gum: any candy or food which Contains sweetener "Xylitol"
Extremely deadly, even in small amounts.

Mushroom toxicity does occur in yorkie dogs and can be fatal if certain species of mushrooms
are eaten. Amanita phalloides is the the most commonly reported severely toxic species of
mushroom in the US but other Amanita species are toxic. Symptoms include abdominal pain,
drooling, liver damage, kidney damage, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, coma and death.

Macadamia Nuts:
Macadamia nuts are a concern, along with most other kinds of nuts. Their high phosphorus
content is said to possibly lead to bladder stones.
Cat Food:
Cat food is generally too high in protein and fat for a small dogs system.

Bones from Meat Sources:
Can cause obstruction or laceration of the digestive system.  I have raw beef bones specially cut
into one inch sections by the butcher for my puppies.

Human Medicines
Pain Killers, Cold Meds., anti Cancer drugs, Antidepressants, Vitamins, Diet Pills are potentially
Meeting Dr. Freda with her new
teacup  Carter Yorkie puppy, in
Atlanta, Georgia
Can you tell which of us is a
Carter Yorkie?  They lived in Adel,
Ga, and moved to Alaska. Their owner
says her Carter Yorkie is the only one
who watches tv... smart bloodlines!
So many folks have great intentions. They want to love, nurture, and
enjoy their dogs, but somewhere along the line they get off track. They
may not even realize that they’re using their dog in place of a child, or an
outlet for the love they’re aren’t comfortable sharing with people, or they
simply go on “love auto-pilot” because it feels good.

And with some dogs you can get away with this with little fallout. But with
the wrong dogs – those that are already prone to insecurity, anxiety, and
difficulties dealing with stress, or extremely pushy and entitled dogs – you
can hit the wall. Hard.

For these dogs, when given too much affection, love, and freedom, with
not enough rules, structure, and guidance, they crash. They become
highly anxious (separation anxiety is common), are unable to comfortably
deal with stress or pressure (you’ll see lots of reactivity in the house and
on walks – barking and reacting to everything), you can get overprotective
behaviors (growling at guests and others), you can get resource guarding
(of people, space, food, or toys), and you might even get serious
aggression in the form of biting (could be your typical fear biting where
they pounce when you turn around, or more overt and proactive).

This happens, because many dogs are already prone to elevated stress
and anxiety levels. Once you remove the comfort of a believable authority
figure and dependable structure and rules, the stress and anxiety levels
go through the roof. These already vulnerable dogs now have the perfect
ingredients and environment for serious trouble. And behavioral issues
are almost always guaranteed.

These dogs now become highly insecure, highly stressed, highly anxious,
bratty, unsure, nervous, pushy, yappy, you name it.

Why? Because we all (dogs and people) depend on dependable
guidance. Dependable rules. Dependable accountability. Dependable
structure to lean on. But who needs it most? Those that come with limited
experiences, and those that are already vulnerable. Terriers were bred to
be feisty, and have that trait today.  Its something that makes them playful
and adorable, but sometimes stubborn or bratty. They may become yappy
or nervous biters.  Due to my Obedience training background,  ( I am
Alpha) none of my parents have these tendencies.  But the puppies may
develop them.  They must be shown guidance, who is in charge and who
is to be obeyed.
(Hint: Its YOU)

This is how our good intentions can lead us and our dogs into unfortunate
places. Mistakenly believing these guys simply need our softness – or
because we simply enjoy sharing softness and what it fulfills in us, and/or
that discipline is much harder work – we leave them feeling the opposite of
what we want: Alone, scared, worried, dependent, unsure, insecure etc.

Because we won’t do the hard and sometimes uncomfortable work of
sharing with them what’s expected of them, and how to cope and behave
– because we won’t guide them and show them – they will do their best to
figure it out in their own. And let me assure you, for already stressed,
anxious, nervous dogs, figuring it out on their own is the worst sentence
you can give them.

This is how we create doggy train wrecks.

Hopefully this helps explain how our good intentions of helping often turn
into hurting. It shows how, by way of “love”, we often sentence dogs to
struggle and suffer

.Instead, if we’ll walk the path of balance, doing the hard work of sharing
discipline, structure, and rules – and if we’ll truly lead them as much as we
love them – we can create dogs that excel instead of struggle. Dogs that
consistently improve, instead of slowly falling apart.
How can I  stop Puppy Biting?:  As adorable as all puppies are, its surprising
that they can be biters.  Its easy to forget they are descendants of wolves and
natural does not mean you, the pups caretaker, need to suffer broken skin.

Puppies use their mouth to interact with their environment. gradually learning
what their teeth can do.  They enjoy play- biting as a form of investigating.  
Puppies have sharp teeth that they use to learn, and then learn to constrain
their force of bite, before their adult teeth grow in.  So, how can you teach your
puppy to stop biting?  One of the most important skills a puppy can learn is
bite inhibition. Puppies stop biting when they are taught that human skin is

During socialization, train your puppy to know that play time is over if they
bite.  When biting does occur it's best to say "OW!"  and pull your hands away,
look away or even walk away.  When biting happens, play time ends.  

Through this technique of withdrawing your attention, your puppy will stay
cute, but be less inclined to use its needle sharp teeth.  Mom and other
puppies can also assist with teaching your puppy bite inhibition.  Puppies bite
other puppies in play and they learn that their bites hurt.  This reinforces their
need to learn to control their biting force.   Mom uses the bite for discipline of
her puppy, so its something they must learn from.   
for when you take your new puppy home

Small crate

kitten harness, and leash

soft bed

Lifes Abundance small breed dry food
Lifes Abundance training treats

dog brush-natural bristle

food and water bowls

nail clippers

chew toys

natural dog shampoo-
(I like Nootie shampoo)
Blue Buffalo just announced
another recall of their food....  2017
Should I feed a Grain- free food?  
For dogs, it isn't all that it's advertised to be.   Dogs have been bred by man
for centuries, to be different from wolves.  Researchers have identified at
least ten key genes which are different from wolves.  So, saying that grains
are not "natural or healthy" for dogs, because they aren't in the wolves diet,
is a false claim. Scientists believe one of the physiological changes that
helped dogs evolve alongside humans was the ability to digest starch.  
barley, millet, oatmeals and quinoa.  Grain free dog foods use other plant
sources such as potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, peas, squash, carrots, and
various fruits.  These are also not foods that wolves are known to eat.  In
fact, some of these  ingredients provide less nutrition than grains.  

Personally, I believe a little brown rice (grain),  which is a good source of
carbs, is healthy for tiny Yorkie puppies.  It gives them the energy to go
longer in the day without becoming hypoglycemic(low blood sugar).
Carbohydrates convert to sugar for long term energy.  This is just another
reason I use and recommend the Lifes Abundance dry food.... it helps my
puppies have energy to burn.

Lifes Abundance does offer a grain free food... I just dont need it for my

Of course, if your dog develops a food allergy, a good place to start in your
hunt for the source of the allergy is grains.  But many times, its chicken or
some other seemingly innocuous ingredient which is the cause of their food
Wonder why Yorkies cost this much?
Here is a general list of expenses reputable breeders encounter.

*Routine Vet care for their adult dogs.  Check the price of a Vet office visit and
you will see how much this can cost- multiplied by 8 or more dogs.
*Feeding a good quality professional feed.  This adds up fast when feeding my
* Maintaining a healthy, clean environment.  I buy numerous special cleaning
supplies, trash bags, washing detergent, my washer runs daily for beds,
blankets, towels, washable potty pads, etc.
* Parasite control.  This includes intestinal, heartworm, as well as flea and
ticks.  These medicines are very expensive when purchased for all my dogs.
* Vaccines and health check-ups.  All my adults go for a yearly health check up,
and any time they are not feeling well.
* Bathing, grooming, supplies.  This includes Vet dental cleanings which are
over $100 each,  Beds, crates, play yards, bedding, bowls, etc.
*Temperature controlled, comfortable environment.  Toy breeds cannot be kept
outside like larger breeds.  They need air conditioned and heated areas, which
adds to the cost of my household electric bill.
* Microchips, DNA, Registration and litter registration.  Check the cost of these
on the AKC website, and see what it costs to register one litter.  

The breeders job is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If a female is about to have
puppies, she has to be watched.  A puppy can easily die if stuck during
birthing.  I have had to help with whelping many times to avoid this.  The female
can also die in birth if someone is not there, and she needs a C section.  C
sections are fairly common with Yorkies and the costs go into thousands of
dollars.  Raising Yorkies is like child care, but you never get off work to rest.  
The costs of raising quality  puppies is phenomenal when you care for them
properly  A good breeder does not make thousands of collars , and is surely not
getting rich.  SO, why do I do it?  I love this breed.  I've owned AKC Yorkies for
over 43 years, as you can see by the photos on my site. I work harder than I've
worked in my life, and I LOVE the thrill of seeing my babies grow into beautiful,
healthy puppies who will make me and my clients proud.  I only ask that my
clients send photos of the babies when they are grown.   I enjoy seeing them...
I realize that in the US, neutering your dog is popular, partially due to
irresponsible pet owners, and partly to animal rights activists.  In Europe,
it is very rare to spay or neuter.  Research comparing purebred dogs in
both places show that those not neutered or spayed live longer, healthier
lives. If your pet must be spayed, an ovary sparing spay
after it reaches 1
year old is the best.  Their bones need hormones and time to grow and
develop.  There is much research showing that mental issues, cancers,
hip displasia, and other debilitating joint disorders were caused by the
early spay or neuter.  Researchers studied thousands of dogs over a 14
year period, and results show that those left intact were healthier.  There
are many irreversible metabolic diseases that appear within a few years
of this type early surgery.  So, my preference is to leave your dog intact,
or sterilize after your puppy turns one year old, if you must.  Sterilization
does not involve removing testes or ovaries, and the dogs benefit from it.   
Be the advocate for your dog.  Dont allow someone to convince you to
spay or neuter early!