Please read the information on my site, and you will have most of your questions answered.  I have over 40
years exclusive experience with Yorkies.  Education is so important for everything that we want to
accomplish in our lives.  Responsible Yorkshire Terrier breeders spend time learning BEFORE breeding.
Serious Yorkie breeders do not want their bloodlines in the wrong hands.  I've spent over 44 years of
dedication and hard work which could be destroyed in one generation, with someone elses careless
breeding. My pet puppies are to be loved, not bred.  You dont need AKC registration papers to show unless
you plan on a full show career.  You can show with PALS # which is an AKC program for pet only dogs with no
papers.  They must be sterilized to participate and they only qualify for PALS events, no regular conformation
events.  Conformation showing is for breeding, so if you dont plan to breed, just choose PALS.  
 Please  be
sure to mention it, if you want a dog of breeding or show quality.  
 My Yorkie puppies are Always from AKC
Registered parents, with a 1 year life-threatening inherited defect health guarantee.

Happy Families page has actual letters of reference and photos we've received from our clients over
the years, for your enjoyment.  My Carter Yorkies Facebook page does, too.
My reasonable prices reflect the fact that I live on a horse farm in the country.   I know it is more difficult to
see my puppies than going to the mall pet store. Our puppies high quality and personality make it well worth
the effort.  Many of our clients reserve their puppies from us by internet and come to meet them when they
are ready.
Yes, Mom, we are asleep...   
You often can't see pictures of parents of the pup you buy.  We are proud
of our sweet parents.  They are pictured throughout my site.  

Yorkshire terriers are energetic toy dogs with big-dog attitudes.  This tiny dog with an alert, engaging personality and dauntless courage has endeared himself to us and to our
clients everywhere.  His qualities as a family dog and companion are unsurpassed for he has  great intelligence, a readiness to accept training and the fearlessness and tenacity of a
dog many times his size.  In our age of condensed living, the Yorkie has the obvious advantage of his small size,  and his hypo allergenic,  non-shedding coat,  making him an
excellent choice for pet lovers.  Weight not to exceed 7 lbs for an AKC Show Dog.    Larger Yorkies are considered pets.
Tuffys oldest son -Pancake- at almost
One Yr old!  He lives in California.

This is my Tuffy traveling with us in Tennessee, as
a puppy, and pictured grown below.  He was so
sweet and had an adorable face!  Someone even
used his picture from my site to illustrate a
beautiful Yorkie on Wikipedia!  I'm flattered.
FAQ:  Why Buy a high quality Yorkie?  
Think of us as the SAFE place to buy a Yorkie puppy. In my 40 plus
years experience, I've heard so many sad stories of dishonest people in
the puppy business
.  Check my Happy Families page for many actual
happy letters and photos from my clients.  There are currently alot of
scams about inexpensive (cheap) Yorkies.  Dont send your money to
them!  My puppies often live 15 years or more. Their quality makes them
worth the cost up front.
I also find ads in local papers for cheap Yorkies- $400 or $500- often with CKC
or APRI registration. Puppy mills often operate with those registries. I just
can't respect the CKC registry when all it takes are two people who agree
that it LOOKS like a Yorkie, to register it with CKC. It's like everything else.
You get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap Yorkie,  you may end up paying
many times over for the Vet bills on serious health issues like heart or liver,
later in its life. Liver shunt operations run $5,000, and heart problems can
cost your pets life.  Often, "micro Teacup" Yorkies are also a big health risk.  
Dishonest breeders, who only breed for tiny size (and the higher price),
sacrifice health and the intelligent Yorkie personality and looks- just for the
teacup nickname.   My puppies come with a written health guarantee.

A.K.C. registry is higher quality.   Puppies from AKC bloodlines tend to cost
more than pups from other registries.  This is because the AKC, which is the
oldest, most respected dog registry around, has rigid standards their
breeders adhere to.  The purity of your chosen breed tends to be better
protected with AKC compared to any of the other registries.  I am AKC
Inspected and Approved.

My studs are DNA tested and proven, microchipped, and careful pedigree
records are kept.  Our clients often tell us that you can see the difference in
QUALITY.  They have shopped around, and they notice how pretty, healthy,
and happy my puppies are.  These are Yorkies to be proud of!

Its always nice to have a good recommendation from happy clients.  Taters
new owner is a radio personality or DJ. We appreciate her kind comments
the air
about us and our puppies!  Tater was one of our larger pet puppies
and fit into her home with two Great Danes perfectly

FAQ's:  Why do I prefer emails?  I do appreciate emails instead of phone calls.  I can answer them when I
have time after working with my children, the horses, the Yorkie moms, or cooking for them, or delivering
and socializing Yorkie puppies... usually late at night, when the house is quiet.  Please be certain your email
address is CORRECT so I can reply to your questions.  We get alot of emails and it helps me to answer
yours quickly. If I called everyone, my phone bill would be terrible. If everyone called me, I would never get
my work done.  Let us know what you are looking for in a puppy - one to breed, or show, or a companion-  
and we will do our best to find a suitable match.

Buyer Beware!  Breeders who sell
Teacup Yorkies" of under 3 lbs. as an
adult can be very difficult to raise.  Low
blood sugar, heart murmurs and liver
shunt problems should be tested for and
checked during their early life.  My Vet
says 33% of Yorkies will have these
problems. They are NOT for the
inexperienced dog owner at this tiny
size.  We try not to have these tiny, frail
puppies. They are certainly not
something desirable.  Many dishonest
breeders even charge MORE for them!
Read the AKC standard for Yorkies.  
There is no such thing as a
miniature or
teacup Yorkie.
 It's a scam to charge
more.  We have been very blessed not to
have experienced these serious health
problems in our bloodlines, but be
warned that they do exist!
Casey, at work in South Georgia
Ayana and her Yorkie boy,
Napoleon, Nalas son, live in Atlanta

Here is Zinnia at our pond.  My kids and grand kids
have been raised to respect animals.  Its great that
they love Yorkies too.
Ninja, Henri, and Dida, three Yorkies
of my bloodlines, in Washington
state.  How in the world did she get
them all to be still?
Sweetie in Tallahassee, Florida
Tater at 3
months old
Scout of Jacksonville, Florida
North Carolina
Yorkie puppy in Tampa, Florida
Olivers mom, Rosie and a
Max is retired
The Males of Carter Yorkies
Smartie Pants, 3 lbs, at left, has a beautiful silky coat and small ears.  Max is dark blue with alot of show Champions in his pedigree. Papi is Champion sired, small and beautiful.  Paisley(Smarties son) has an adorable face and tiny
size- 3 lbs grown.
Lukes dad is Champion Lookie, pictured right. Cupid is my young Parti color male.  Milo's pedigree is full of Champions and International Champions.  All are AKC registered.
Tater and Pocket all grown up
AKC Facts
The Yorkshire Terrier, fondly called the "Yorkie" by millions of
enthusiasts, has overtaken the Golden Retriever and the iconic German
Shepherd to become the SECOND most popular purebred dog in
America according to 2008 & 2010 AKC registration figures !
Over the last decade AKC data has pointed to a rise in popularity of
smaller breeds. However, not since the Boston Terrier nearly 70 years
ago has such a small dog achieved such notable status. The popularity
of the Yorkie  indicates that dog enthusiasts are doing their research
and choosing a portable, pint-sized breed which fits the fast-paced
lifestyle of many modern dog owners
Here is his baby doll, Gnocchi,
3 lbs. -teacup sized puppy
from Ninja.
babydoll girl Chantal, SOLD to Elena in
Bogota, Columbia
"I read this and I have to agree-  it is so true!  I had to print it for

"This opinion was taken from a dog breeder with many years experience. Not
every thing written here is a fact- just an opinion ... a little food for thought!

Many people believe that female Yorkies make better pets...female
preference seems to be ingrained in these people. Most of my calls for pet
dogs have people wanting a 'sweet girl'. They
think they are more docile and
attentive and do not participate in fighting over dominance. Well folks, this is
not always true.
In the dog pack makeup, females usually rule the roost.  The females are more
independent, stubborn, and territorial than their male counterparts. The
females are also  more intent upon exercising their dominance.  
Males, on the other hand, are usually
 affectionate, exuberant, attentive, and
more demanding of attention. They are very attached to their people. They
also tend to be more steadfast, reliable, and less moody. They are more
outgoing, more accepting of other pets, and take quickly to children. Most
boys are easily motivated by food (how true!!) and praise, and so eager to
please that training is easy. However, males can be more easily distracted
during training, as males like to play so often. And no matter what age, he is
more likely to act silly and more puppy-like, always wanting to play games.

The difference between sizes and sexes is minimal, if bred correctly.
Neutered males can exhibit secondary sexual behavior such as 'humping', or
'marking' and lifting of legs.  But once the testosterone levels recede after
neutering, most of these behaviors will disappear. Boys who were neutered  
don't ever raise their leg to urinate.  I recommend waiting until 1 year
old, for your puppys mental and physical well being.

The female will usually come to you for attention.  When she's had enough,
she will move away, while boys are always waiting for your attention and near
at hand.  She is much more prone to mood swings. One day she may be sweet
and affectionate-the next day reserved and withdrawn, or even grumpy. The
female also has periods of being 'in heat' unless she is spayed.  Seasonal
heats can be a problem- not just for the female, but you and every male dog in
the neighborhood. If you are not breeding, you'd be best off to
have her
,  since during this time she can leave a bloody discharge on carpets,
couches, or anywhere she goes.   A walk outside during this period can
become hazardous if male dogs are in the vicinity, and she will leave a 'scent'
for wandering intact males to follow right to your yard, where they will hang
out, and 'wait' for days."
Sophias teacup Yorkie puppy
Miley lives in  
Washington state
FAQ: Are Yorkies easy to train? My Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent dogs.
According to
Dr. Stanley Coren, an expert on animal intelligence, the Yorkshire
Terrier is an above average working dog, ranking 27th out of the 132 breeds tested.
His research found that an average Yorkshire Terrier could understand a new
command after approximately 15 repetitions and would obey a command the first
time it was given 70% of the time or better. This capacity as working dogs enables
Yorkies to excel in sports like obedience and agility, which require the dog to
understand communication from the handler and carry out a complex series of
commands. Additionally, Yorkies learn to recognize numerous words and can be
taught to distinguish and fetch separate toys in a box by their names.  My first
Yorkie, Sassy, knew at least 25 different  words.  That made it hard to sneak
anything past her!      ( yumm...spaghetti!)  She did excel in Obedience classes against
many larger breeds.
teacup Yorkie stud dog, Smartie Pants
female teacup Yorkie
Jasmine and her mom Rosie
Coco above and below on
vacation in Tennessee '08
Tuffys son, Lil Bit in Georgia
FAQ:  How old are my puppies when they go home?  This info is
taken directly from
AKCs own site: "Many animal behaviorists agree
that socialization reaches its peak at the 49th day (7 weeks). At 8 to 9
weeks, the pup can go to his new owner and home.
(If you choose a
good breeder,)
He has received human contact and love. He has
been exposed to different environments and house breaking. Now
the breeder can choose with confidence their pup for future breeding
and showing. And they can place the puppies they choose to sell
according to their temperaments in homes with new owners.
Different personalities will match different homes and families. The
individual attention, interaction and love that puppies receive during
their first seven weeks are invaluable and will reap lifetimes of
My puppies are healthy and not prone to hypoglycemia,
etc. as some pet store and backyard breeders puppies are. One of the
best Yorkies I ever bought, I got when she was 5 weeks old- so smart
and bonded with us. My puppies often go home around 8-9 weeks
with great success, as you will read on the Happy Families page.
Which Dog Food do I use?  Lifes
After trying many premium dog foods over my 38
years experience, I've finally found a Health Food
for dogs which helps my dogs live healthier, longer
lives!  I hear news reports of ingredients making
healthier, smarter puppies, and think "Wow!  Thats
in my dog food."  I
recommend and use
Lifes Abundance for small
breed dogs.  I can help you have it shipped to
your home at wholesale prices.  PS. They've
been recalled
!  There were more recalls on pet
foods with over a hundred brands recalled! Aug.
2011. Jerky treats, 2012, Diamond Naturals (with
deadly Salmonella) 2012, Nutro, Innova, 2013, Iams
2013, Diamond, 2014, Blue, Cesars 2016, etc.
Natural, Organic *  No Chemical Preservatives* No
By-products * Feed 50% less * Reduce Vet Costs   *
Home Delivered *
Wholesale Prices.    Ask me about it, if you're
interested.  See how your current brand compares
to L.A. on their site.  
Click link below
Our Mia
Gubbys three adorable Yorkie puppies
Jeffers Pet Link
When ordering pet items like beds,
crates, collars, treats, etc... I use
Jeffers.  Below is a link to their site.
Their prices are
great and their service
is always friendly, with quick delivery.  I
hope you will use this link when
shopping for your pet needs.  Use
promo code- "Carter Yorkies".
It's been a long wait but well worth it!  Miley is perfect and we love her so
much.  She loves to play and she did eat and drink for us.  She is so good
and cute.  Thank you so much.   I cant express to you how much we love
her and how exact she is to the puppy we searched for months if not
longer.  She looks just like the ones that cost
$5,000.00 and up!  We are so
happy with our purchase.  She seems so healthy and happy and full of
energy.  She hops every where. You have no idea how happy you have
made our family!!!   Thank you for our new member of our family.  Thanks a
 Kellie and Greg in Washington-
Sophia and Smartie Pants' daughters
Heres what her  new owners have to say:  Just
wanted to update you on Chrissy's status.   
We have enjoyed her so much.  Again, thank
you so much.  She is such a joy!   Jim    in
Atlanta, Georgia
Tootsie had very small -teacup size Yorkie
puppies.  One went to  Kansas and the other to
My daughter camping in
North Carolina
Jeffers Pet
FAQ: Why are my AKC registered Yorkies
 An AKC puppy is worth more
than one from other registries.  A.K.C.
registration is the oldest, most respected
registry.  It is the one registry which has
higher quality dogs.  AKC has strict
requirements which I follow. My Yorkies
are AKC Inspected and Approved.  My
studs are DNA tested and have Champion
pedigrees, too.  Other registries like CKC
and APRI were invented to help backyard
breeders and puppy mills fool their
customers.   Remember... "You get what
you pay for".  You can be sure of a
friendly, high quality puppy from us.
Nalas puppies  in Savannah, Georgia.   Bella and Oliver are
both Carter Yorkies...
My daughter, Mason (10), loves to teach Oliver new tricks.  
Oliver is a year and a half and he has such a great
personality.  He is bell trained to let us know when he wants
to go outside. He is a really smart dog.  ~Melinda and Mason
Savannah, Ga.
Hi Lisa,    I wanted to send you an updated
photo of Mylee.  She is the daughter of
Piper and Smartie (Piper's first baby).  We
all love her so much and can't imagine
what we did without her.  She passed her
obedience classes too.  Thank you for
such a wonderful puppy!!!       Kevin  
Nala and our kittens
Yorkies puppies for sale
in 2009
Yorkie puppy for sale
in 2006
Paisley  3 lbs
Smartie, 3 lbs.,
is retired
AKC Champion Ace is Durrer
bloodlines for his mom and
dad.  He is Molly & Papis dad.
Sold: Celebrity client.  She's
a TV anchor...
Panama City, Florida
Lifes Abundance link
Maggie is Mollys mom.  
Maggies dad is my Max,
and her mom is Pansy.
Cocos puppy and Lucys puppy, all
grown up
Sold: Cocos yorkie puppy
girl in Jacksonville, FL.
with her new owners!
Papi's dad is Ace, an
AKC Champion
Ginger plays fetch really well.  Shes a
great playmate, perfect size for a childs
This baby went to Macon, Ga.
this baby went to Alabama
went to live in Florida
She lives in Florida
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AKC Yorkie Puppies for sale
Accepting reservations on Yorkie puppies, SUMMER SALE price $1200 as a pet for Traditional color and Parti Yorkies are $1500 !  Please contact me for current puppy pictures, (Living on a farm, I often cant get online to post the newest photos on
site).   My internet is on and off alot.  My Yorkie puppies are high quality pets, from AKC parents,  with 1 year written health guarantee.  
I also offer my Trusted courier delivery if
needed, to bring your Yorkie puppies to you in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.  
For the last couple of years, I've been fortunate to have my babies get reserved starting around 2-3 weeks old.  I have a good reputation.  I've raised AKC Yorkies exclusively in south Georgia for over 44 years.
We are an easy drive from Valdosta, Macon, Atlanta, Ga, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Orlando, Fl.
I combine my old fashioned healthy lines with top notch show Champions. I have put many years of hard work into developing my healthy bloodlines. Since my Pet puppies are priced lower and intended for loving companions, they do not go into
other breeding kennels. Only I have this unique pedigree.   I am glad to show you the parents/ancestors AKC papers when you visit, to show that they are of high quality, purebred AKC lines.  Litters are not individually registered, and breeding one
of my Pet puppies is prohibited.  My Yorkie puppies usually live about 15 years with proper care, and are beautiful, healthy, intelligent little dogs.  Please read my "Why Choose Males" article to make the best choice   They are a great investment for
your family.
.  A $200 Non Refundable Puppy Hold fee will reserve your puppy, chosen by face, sex, size and coloring (like lightest color boy or smallest girl). I do my best to match the puppy that best suits your wishes.  The puppies will be marked Sold and held
especially for you, in the order your reservations are received.  When I am expecting babies, I do accept reservations for my waiting list.  Your $200 is credited towards the total puppy price.  I live on a horse farm in south Georgia, so my price is a
bargain for the quality and pedigreed puppy you get. You pay in full when you have your puppy in your arms, either by driving here, or by having my courier deliver it to you.  If courier is delivering
out of state to you, my puppy balance must be paid
before it leaves the state of Ga.  You will pay your final $225 courier balance when you have your puppy in your arms.

To send Your $200 Reservation, please go
in person to Publix , Kroger or Walgreens, to send a Western Union money gram to me, Lisa Carter in Moultrie, Ga. Then, send me a photo of your receipt showing MTCN number and your name, etc.
Most grocery stores and banks have Western Union. They are almost instant.  They are safe, since they check my drivers license.  I must give them a government issued ID.  My second choice is Post Office Money Order for sending your reservation.
I often hear from my clients that their puppy is a high quality Yorkie, just the best companion . My puppies have tails docked and dewclaws removed at around 3 days old. The puppies have their age appropriate shots when they go home with you.  
IF you have honestly discussed with me
before you get your puppy, and been approved to purchase a Show or Breeding prospect, I will provide Full AKC Registration papers with the puppy.  You are welcome to pick up your puppy. We are an easy
drive to get your Yorkie puppy, if you live in Tallahassee, Atlanta, Orlando, Savannah, Valdosta, Columbus, and other southern cities.  
If you need to fly to south Ga. to get your puppy, we can meet you at our closest airport, Moultrie, Valdosta, or
Albany, Ga.  so that you can take your puppy home on the plane in the passenger compartment. Occasionally, when my daughters Yorkie mom, or my sisters' have babies, I help them sell theirs...My same high  quality lines & same written health
South Carolina
Here's  Tuffy and Rosies son,
Little Bit. He is a full brother to our Oliver
He lives in south Georgia.
Proud owner, Dr. Heidi, sent this cute
photo of Beau and Rex
Gubbys boys live in Florida.  This
couple bought two of my Yorkie boys.
This is AKC International Champion
Yorkie, 'Lookie'. He is dad to my
Luke, and Jewels girl Lacey, along
with several others
Yorkie puppy Luke.  His dad is
Lookie, the International
Champion shown above.  We
kept him, and named him
Luke Skywalker, after his dad.
Always nice to have a fellow
breeder recommend me!
Milo, "The King" my Russian
import with Incredible
Pedigree of Int'l. Champions.
Thats me with one of my
show Yorkie puppies in the
Claires baby
Dart is Gingers AKC Parti
Yorkie puppies- first I've had in
44 years raising Yorkies!
Cupid is our young AKC 3 lb.
Parti color male.  We are
excited to see his puppies.
Coral is Milos dad, Russian
International Champion. Super
Beach Yorkie at St. Simons Island
Besties in Jacksonville, FL
Second Time yorkie
customer from Vero Beach
met my courier in
Gainesville, FL
Ask about these Available Yorkie puppies.  Accepting reservations now.
Traditional colors Ready around June 20.  Partis ready about July 11.
One Parti color boy available for
reservation. Cupid is dad, Darts
sister Gracelynn is the mom.